Monday, March 17, 2008

Life lessons

Hoooraaay! I just need to sew a little bit more and will be done with my challange quilt and I don't have to sort out my demo till later.

1) I must remember to be here and now and not rushed off my feet going 200km/hr and then feeling lost after. Yesterday was one of those days I was rushing through things. Didn't have proper conversation with people, looking half stressed. Came home feeling relieved but at the same time a little bit regretful. Perhaps I didn't take enough people. Perhaps I didn't make the effort to make proper conversation. Perhaps I forgot to thank a few people.

I must remember to be present in the here and now, to enjoy each moment as it unfold.

2) Keeping in touch, even if its a one line email is very important. [Re: I have a few emails and even smses I have yet to reply.] It may seem like it can wait or unimportant to me but may be important to the other person.

3)Learning to let go
Whatever grievances I may have, I must learn to deal with it, put it past me and move on. Because if I don't. I'd just be bitter and catty. Especially if the issue is long past and everyone else has moved on.

Its amazing how the short interaction I had yesterday yield 3 more new life lessons for me.

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