Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am at quandary

I am at quandary between changing the school for my daughter and keeping her where she is.

Why do I want to change?

The owner of the school and her sister who is one of the teachers in the school is showing too clearly how untrained and unexperienced they are. Most recent example, my daughter's finger was burnt with glue from a glue gun. Why do they have to use gun guns for a craft for 2 year olds is beyond me. They claimed that the glue gun is the only glue strong enough to put the button on the tin cans wrapped with crepe paper. She even went on to say that my little one was , I quote, their "guinea pig," the first child to do the craft and thus her finger because they didn't realize that the glue was hot.

How incredibly stupid!

Why I keep sending her there?

1)Convenience. The school is within the compound, thus 5 mins walk away.

2)Familiarity. The other children in the compound goes there too including my little one's best friend. She plays with them in school as well as in the afternoons at the skate park and play ground.

3)Cost factor. Sending her to a school outside the compound means more money on transport. That or we would have to get a driver.

In general she is doing well in school. Partly because she is used to it and partly because she is excited to see her best friend Mariam in school. She enjoys her singing sessions and I even caught her singing to herself. I often hear her chant "Eeee ya eee yaa yooo."

I am not the only one unhappy with the school. I guess us mothers tolerate it because its convenient. But I am not sure if I can live with myself with the excuse of convenience.

I have only just begun to enjoy my free time. Not that my time is free mind you, I have a planned schedule for everyday of the 3 days in school. If I didn't send her to school, I wouldn't have the time for my own self development with sewing, Reiki and Yoga. And I believe that I will be a better mother with all that.

And what do we do on the two days she isn't in school you asked? On Saturdays is our bonding time, either spent on the bus or whatever strikes us, be it painting, collecting flowers/leaves or even climbing trees.

And look what she was up to last Saturday:

We were examining the trunks of trees and she wanted to feel whats its like being on one.

And on Wednesdays, we have Kindermusik with Hanna,

Kindermusik is coming to an end though. We no longer will be doing Our Time but will switch to ABC and Me programme if we have 12 people together. I'm hoping that we can round out 12 people!

Are you interested?


Swahili said...

Im interested,more details pls. harris has ask for Drama Classes during our home vacation vs drawing (he prob has enough with me here).so perhaps this will appease him somehow but details and journey have to work for mummy first.

On some unconscious level, I miss the good varieties of school we have available in Sin..i fear for the "reputable" "popular" ones available in this country. Yet Sin is so thirsty and competitive, its not healthy for little ones.

how? mothers are born worriers..if I read your little one well, she is enriched enough in your company. you are such a brilliant individual/mum.if one day you decide to publish, let me be amongst those you tell.

Anonymous said...

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elisataufik said...

aiyoh!! They let her use the hot glue gun without supervision ke?

I think Am can pick up socialization anywhere she goes. Perhaps she's better off with playgroups?