Thursday, April 03, 2008

Present for Umi

I know my blog seems a lot more like a mommy blog now rather than the travel blog that it started itself to be. But such is my life now.

My 27 month old daughter is trying it on now. She is testing her limits and her boundaries as far as she can get away with. It does tire me out sometimes. I have to constantly remind myself that she means well.

Just the other day, she insisted in opening the roll of wrapping paper we just bought in IKEA. Gone were the days when wrapping paper just used to cost 20 cents, wrapping paper seem to cost a premium here. I was reluctant to waste the wrapping paper.

When I was not looking she quickly grabbed the roll and started to unroll the cutesy paper. So I obliged, I cut her a piece that she could play with to save the rest of the roll.

And guess what she did? She came to me with a “parcel” of the wrapping paper I gave to her.

“Look Umi! Present!” She handed it to me with great excitement.
[ In my heart I was going.. ohh nooo what a waste!]

“Whats this Am?” I obliged her.

“It’s a present.” She answered.

“Who is it for?” I asked.

“For Umi.” She said with a smile.

So I began to unwrap the present.

“What’s inside?” I asked her.

“Bread,” she said gingerly.

Yes my daughter had wrapped a slice of garlic bread as a present for me.

I had to smile. I gave her a kiss and said thank you for the present. And hugged her.

My darling, I will always remember the first ever present you gave to me. May your life will always be enriched by wonderful gifts that you will receive throughout your life.

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anasalwa said... sweet. Just think about how tasty the garlic bread is.