Monday, April 28, 2008

Just for today

I am glad that I have someone to clean and polish the house new again, after it looked like a whirlwind swept through it.

I am thankful that I have a husband who is supportive of my dreams, ideas and hobbies. I cannot thank Allah enough for the love he has given me.

I am grateful that we are in the financial position to afford more than just what we need. A good education for our child is within our means. That its not a toss up between a meal or the child going to school.

I am honoured that we have friends who enjoy our company. Who seek us out even when we don't feel like going out to socialize. Its a gift really to have friends who love you and enjoy your company.

I am happy that I have the freedom to choose. Whether it is the best for my child, the convenience for me or the joy for us.

I will concentrate on the wonderful things I have in my life. And my health will be better in no time at all.

When a door of opportunity closes, another one will open.

Let it be so.

1 comment:

elisataufik said...

ye lah, sometimes we forget to be thankful and just make do with whatever we have..
*cancels shopping trip*