Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cooking class with Chef Marianne Mussi


Potato creme soup
Served with spiced sausage, crispy coutons
And Sherry fillet

Main course

Oregano/lemon stuffed chicken
Potato rosti and parsley Fume


Vanilla parfait with caramel sauce
And strawberry salad

Chef MM made everything looked so easy and everything we, yes we all had a hand in preparing the food we got to eat, made was amazingly delicious from simple ingredients that can be bought locally.

The potato creme soup was smooth and delicious. the sausage added an extra zing and the fish added another texture for the soup.

The chicken and rosti was amazingly simple to make and she even showed us how to serve the dish gourmet style.

And the parfait is to die for!!! I was so inspired and excited after the class that I made some immediately the same afternoon!

Out of respect to Chef MM I will not be posting the recipes for her dishes here but please email me privately if you are interested. In the meantime I will ask her views about this.


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Mme RoSsé said...


elisataufik said...

this post needs descriptions (texture, taste, deliciousness) and recipes!! Dont torture us with just pictures.. go all the way!

the last one especially.. macam strawberries with icecream and caramel? my imagination is driving my drool glands wild.