Thursday, June 26, 2008

And we are off

I am so not prepared. But I guess we miss this sort of last minute trips. We are off to UK today! Horay!

Amongst the things we want to do:

1) Visit Legoland
2) Pick strawberries
3) Whipsnade Animal park
4) Stonehenge
5)Woburn Safari Park

We will be eating

1) clotted cream
2) fresh strawberries
3) Fresh cherries
4) Delicious salads
5) Pierre Marcolini

But we aim to settle a few things this trip. Like mowing the lawn, trimming the garden, clearing out all of my personal stuff and polishing the house.

Its time to let the flat pay for it self. No more emotional attachment!

Wish us luck!

I'm going for an allergy testing. Hopefully I'll know more about my body.

I am having a mini panic attack actually. I seem to have forgotten my pin numbers for my UK credit cards. They have a chip and pin now. Boy I am in trouble! Back to chasing after trains and train schedules. Perhaps seeing a rain drop or two (oops can't find my umbrella!) Selfridges sale starts today. But perhaps its not wise to go hahaha. I bet Harrods sale has started too. But I have real work to do!

The Little One could not sleep last night because she so wanted to go to pick her own strawberries. In due time sayang. I hope she will be able to achieve her dreams all the time. This child of mine, when she has an idea in her head, it doesn't seem to go away. Not even geography can get in the way apparently!

My DH needs this break desperately. It will rejuvenate him, I'm sure.

Tomorrow will mark the 10 years we've been married, boy oh boy it only felt like yesterday. It will be lovely to go back and go to our familiar places in London. Things and times have changed. So have we.

I look forward to going home.

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Ghazali B Abd Aziz said...


Meaning .... are you moving to UK??? Or just summer holiday????

Kalau dah moving , tak sempat nak jumpa di Bumi Anbia ni kaannn ...