Friday, June 13, 2008

The questions have started

At age 2 and a half, The Little has started the incessant why and where.

"Mummy where is your Mummy?"

"She is not here."

"Where is she?"

"She has passed away."


"Daddy, where is your mummy?"



"She is in Malaysia."


"Mummy, is your mummy here?"

And the cycle starts over again. Perhaps death is not yet a concept she could understand. And I suppose it puzzles her that I don't have a "mummy."

And calling us Mummy and Daddy, thats purely, 100% her own choice. She rotates between Abah & Ummi and Daddy and Mummy.

And then there's Mongku.

Who is Mongku you may ask. I wondered too. From what I can gather, Mongku is a boy who sleeps in her bed which is next to us. I am Mongku's mummy.


She has also learn to interpret emotions from facial expression.

Just the other day, I caught her poking her paint brush at the domestic help. It wasn't in a mean, rather cheeky sort of way. I quickly reprimanded her for doing so because I do not want her think that its OK to poke people, even if it was gently with paint brushes.

"But mummy she is laughing!" She declared.

She was right though. The Domestic help didn't take offense to what The Little One did and was laughing at her antics instead. And The Little One felt that she was encouraged by the laughing.

She is definitely testing her boundaries to the fullest!

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Swahili said...

haha.scenario sounds familiar. At that age, I was Mimi then progress to Mum at 3yrs and now Mama, perhaps taken by the Arab way.

At almst that age (2yrs) his first rapid sentence in a breatheless manner "whtzzzz tis?" and almost immediately after "Whatzzzz that?" followed by ooooooh. Unfortunately we were on a yacht in Langkawi(1st trip), so that,choppy water and heat - almost drive me insane.

the gates has open, do enjoy.