Sunday, August 24, 2008

Deja vu

I sat in the staff meeting just now and suddenly what was discussed became very familiar. Just hearing the Speaker talk, reminded me that I've heard all this before. Suddenly I had a strong sense of deja vu, that I've been here before.

Then it all came flooding back to me. The memory came from a dream. A dream not too long ago. If anyone had told me then that I will be working today, attending a staff meeting where I was, I would have said, "You got to be kidding me."

On the other hand I believe in Fate and Predestination. It was predestined that the job was for me but in my free will I had turned in down many times with many different excuses, even if many were kind enough to show and point me the way. It took two wonderful friends to put fairy lights on for me, to see the beauty and the opportunity.

How I got hired itself was short of a miracle. Many had come by looking for a job but not getting one. But me, the uncertain old me, now renewed and refreshed from my Power of Positive thinking workshop
went to help a friend and to submit my application form thinking "Surely its safe now to apply because they are no longer hiring." And Lo and behold, I was offered a job the same afternoon.

Even then I was hesitant, thinking that my child may be neglected. But every single step, Allah made it easy for me to accept this opportunity. A friend agrees to babysit. And the Boss agreed to allow my sweet child sit in the toddler's class.

I am truly grateful. Alhamdullilah. Alhamdullilah. Alhamdullilah. I am so grateful for this opportunity, for the support of my wonderful Dh and my wonderful, wonderful friends.

My next challenge is truly excel in what I do and let my light shine through.


Roving Soul said...

Salam. Alhamdulillah =)

I am sure you will shine, inshaAllah, or rather already shining!

Kak Teh said...

Alhamdulillah, am sure you'll do a good job. and you do shine!

a malaysian in riyadh said...


Continue to be a beacon that lights the ways for others. All the best in your latest endeavour.

Last night Arman showed us a form which the school gave him. We've been raking our brains to choose the boarding schools for him next year. And our frail nerves were massively attacked when he mentioned this:
"Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid is NOT a boarding school."

And you think Ainaa can calm our frail nerves. At times, she can be bossy, and oh-so-over-dramatic. Prone to bikin ribut, everytime she screams, with tears welling up:
"MAAAMAAA, I don’t want to be laaaate for my ballet class again."

Elham's favourite word, for the last few months, is "Neneng, neneng" which means I'm thirsty. Wonder where he learned that from, could it be from our Javanese bibik?

Azura pulak always "mengidam" goreng pisang with ice-cream at the Chinese restaurant in Riyadh, he he.

Abu Arman

Swahili said...

At least you're going back to a "place" you're familiar with, the scent, sound, was 2decades old for me.

Its great to be able to have your child near you as you work, something im privilige (& thankful) to experience twice in my life.

You're just starting & im ending my "calling" tomorrow, I dont think I will dabble further into this field althouh it was worth getting my feet wet, perhaps not now. Like you, im glad for the opportunity that arise at the perfect timing.

Im interested to know may just be the educator in the school we've shortlisted.

Sunflora said...

Roving soul and Kakteh,

Thank you very much for your kind comments. Ramadhan Kareem!

Abu Arman :)

Perhaps the time will come soon for Azura to have her goreng pisang dengan ice cream at Uncle CHoo's ;)

Tahniah Arman, may he get the school that he will be happy with and his parents is proud with.

Wah I will have to see Aina perform. Amalina sure nak ikut-ikut!

And Elham hehehe in other places neneng refers to a specific drink normally from the mother ;)


Life is wonderful isn't it. When we want something, the Universe listens and open up oppurtunities for us.

Is AIS-R one of the schools you shortlisted for Harris? If so we look forward to him joining our school altho you'd have to hurry, school have started and classes are filling up quite quickly.

elisataufik said...

ehh jealous ni, semua orang kerja!!
I jugak yang duduk melepak..

atenah said...

dah lama tak singgah kat sini sebab sibuk. thanks for your insightful posts esp on yr home in UK. makes me think of my situation too. after all, what is a home?