Friday, October 03, 2008

I am back and down with flu

I have to say that Turkey has surpassed any sort of ideas I have about the country. I am still reeling from the experience and it seems 7 days is way too short for a country full of history, life and art.

In the meantime, I have laundry to do and pictures to sift through and hopefully some time to put my thoughts into coherent sentences to become entries.

I am tired and overjoyed and I'd have to report back to work in a day's time.


atenah said...

beraya kat turkey ke?

minal aidil wal faizin

elisataufik said...

cerita cerita cerita!
I want to go too *pout*
Hope you feel better soon.
I am nursing a recurring cold too.. entah apsal it keeps coming and going.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

My oh my Siti, the three of you spend Raya in Istanbul. How shall I break this sensitive story to Azura?
Elisa, good luck in persuading Taufik.
SHR and MZH to both of you and the families.
Abu Arman