Monday, October 27, 2008

She wants a birthday party

I had given her her first birthday party when she was one.

And then I decided, nope, not any more. I'm not veyr good at it.

So last year we skipped the birthday party and got her a play house instead.

But it looks like I can't avoid it this year. 3 more months to go and she is already planning her own birthday party. She decided that she will have a princess cake (where did she get that idea?), party hats and lots of balloons. She even has decided who she wants to invite to the party!

In fact she has even invited some people to the party.

She knows her birthday is in December and has asked me "How do we get to December?"

She even practiced singing happy birthday to herself and had imaginary friends come to her birthday party. Just the other day she told me, "Umi, we are having a party and we're waiting for you."

I guess I am lucky that I am invited.

So here I am trying to put a birthdya party together. Found out the date I wanted was not possible for the Kindermusik practitioner. So had to move it forward. The venue I wanted was booked already so I have to book a different venue. Got to get quotes for the food because I don't think I can do it all on my own.

I was such a novice on her 1st birthday party that I did not give out party favours, so I am making sure that I will not be making the same mistake. Of course I have to strike a balance between making things myself (cost effective) vs buying everything (easier due to time constrain).

And striking a balance between what children like (candies and sweets) and what I would prefer to serve them (fruits and healthy snacks.)

My challenge as a parent is to grant her wishes but at the same time making sure that she grows to be a sensible and happy child.

My darling Little One, I hope you'll have the birthday party that you want! May your good wishes always be granted my child.


Kak Teh said...

SF, planning for their birthday parties is not too bad, enjoy that. the headache will come when they plan their own weddings! Horror of horrors! Have fun!

elisataufik said...

can't you just do it at mcDs or something? I think they provide party favours. The food is not healthy tho.. eheheh.

Sunflora said...


Oh no! Dah ade wedding plans ke?


hahaha I did think of that but I think will keep that to the last resort.

You used to run a birthday party business don't you?

Joy said...

Hey, whatcha mean you're not good at giving b'day parties?! We were at her first and it was great! She had a good time (and I got lots of cuddles, I think that's why I liked it!!!).
I agree with Kah teh - wait for the wedding, lah!
I wish I was there - I'd make her cake.