Saturday, January 03, 2009

Death of my N93?

It all started when I brought my N93 phone to the Singtel Mobile shop in AMK. I wanted to know if its true they would give me SGD200 as a trade in value. It turned out that they could not give me the trade in value because I did not buy the phone locally.

Which was fine by me really. Because I was only 30% sure that I would buy a new phone.

My N93 has served me very well but lately it has not behaved itself. It sometimes turns itself off. Which is not a very useful feature on a mobile phone because sometimes other people may want to contact you. Without the "ring when someone is calling you" facility, my phone would be no better than a low resolution camera and video thingy.

But after I had brought my phone to that counter that fateful day, it has behaved more badly than ever! Just today it turned itself off just as I was having a conversation with a friend. Previously, it would do so after perhaps 10 mins of talking, and I had previously blamed it on the uncharged battery. But just today, after I made sure that the phone is fully charged, it still reset itself, turned itself off as I was talking and my time is spent making sure that my phone is still turned on!


Hubby dearest is leaning towards the iphone which I am reluctant because I am a faithful Nokia user. I did think of the blackberry but I just haven't put much thought into these sort of gadgets lately. [I'd rather get another sewing machine to be honest.]

One thing for sure I'd better extract all the phone numbers in there while I still can because I haven't stored the phone numbers else where.

I found some suggestions online on how to revive my dead Nokia N93, whether it works or not, I'll have to find out.

If anyone else knows how to deal with a hurt mobile phone's feeling please share it with me. Otherwise may I suggest you refrain from bringing your phone to ask its trade in value in case its feeling gets hurt like mine.


Ghazali B Abd Aziz said...

Siti ...

Buy a new one ajer hahahahhahaa

As my phone dah more than a year old ... now I am contemplating of changing phone ...

Minat nak ambik Iphone, tapi di Yanbu, Jeddah tak ada Iphone ...

So maybe nak sambar HTC kot hehehheee

Hansac said...

Am thinking of ditching my N95 with newer Nokia N-series. Tapi jangan bising sangat, takut dia kecik ati...!