Friday, January 02, 2009

Hello 2009, good bye 2008

How quickly time flies!

2008 presented me with wonderful and new adventures. The ever pending dreaded move did not happen in 2008 and I've decided that no matter where I am or will be, I will learn to adapt and love the place I live. I shall fear The Move no more. If it happens, we'll deal with it. It not, I'll enjoy the wonderful things about living here as much as I can.

I am truly blessed that I've had many opportunities to meet people who inspire me, who teach me a little bit here and there about life. Some became friends along the way, some became my sounding board. I am truly grateful for that.

My motto for 2008 was to invest in myself, doing whatever I can to make myself a better person. To my amazement, the change happened quite quickly, much quicker than I ever anticipated. Opportunities sprouted like wild mushrooms.

For the year ahead, I hope to live a life of gratitude, to see life as a glass half full. I must appreciate what I have and live in this moment and not yearn for the things that are not here or I cannot get.

Contentment is the state of the mind and I am determined to live a life of contentment rather that of discontent.

I will concentrate on what I do and do it well. I will ignore any sort of politics, gossip and Chinese whispers. And I will stop thinking of what others may think of me.

The only person I can control is me and I will work on me. I will continue to work on myself, to make myself a better person mentally, spiritually and health wise.

I hope to live in the here and now, at the same time work on my goals and dreams.

I will continue to reduce my clutter and not keep things that I can no longer use. Things are what I use to make me live well, they do not definite me as who I am. They are my tools.

I will eat well and eat healthy. Will try to prepare as many meals I can myself rather than resort to eating out.

I will keep positive people and positive energy around me.

I will continually appreciate the wonderful things I have in life; family, love, wonderful friends, great job, comfortable life, wondrous travels.

I began to learn not to over commit myself in the second half of 2008. I hope to continue to do better in 2009. I'm not at my best when I spread myself too thin.

We will save a lot more for The Little One's education. We will endeavor the best we can afford for her.

The round the world trip is still in the IN tray. Perhaps it will happen in 2009?

SO what do YOU have planned for 2009?


Swahili said...

definitely saving more money,making use of the "carrot"-high interest all banks are dangling now.

SF, may you have all your heart desire, and have the goodluck to keep it.Have a great 2009.

Mel Ija said...

Hi Sunflora,

Thanks for your wishes. May you also get what you want in 2009, and live in contentment with lots of exciting and fun things along the way.. just to spice things up a little :)

Sunflora said...

Thanks Swahili and Mei Ija :)

Joy said...

Hmmm, that all sounds pretty good to me! Now I don't need to make my own list, just use yours :)
Actually, my new year's motto is: Less is More. I'll explain in a post one of these days. Less clutter, less stress, less outside activities, less ... etc, etc, ... (all so I can sew more?! heee heee!)
Happy New Year!!! Hopefully this year we can see eachother - Inshallah.