Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Of a mum's guilty feelings and slings

I cannot explain what has come over me but some days I just feel guilty about not spending enough time with My Little One.

It feels like she is growing up so much each day and I often wonder if I am letting precious moments pass me by.

Did I do enough today? I do sometimes wonder.

Just the other day she gave me a hug at the skate park and declared, "Mummy I am so glad you are here with me." And somehow that just made my tiredness melt away.

She has been a little unwell and just the other day I put her in our Didymos sling again because I needed to cook dinner and she wanted to be carried. And I think she enjoyed being carried in the sling again.

My child, some days you are 3 going on 20, and on other days you remind me that you but a baby and need her mummy to pamper her.

I must say, the sling has been and still is a lifeline for me. We decided that she has outgrown the Ergo as she was complaining that they pinch her. The didymos however does spread her weight well except that the amount of fabric is sometimes inconvenient to deal with.

Dear Little One, I want you to know that I love you all day long. I love you when we are together and I love you when we are apart. And I love you even more when you are being brave!


Swahili said...

my bjorn was my life-saver.
do they sell Ergo here?

Am is such a lucky girl. she has a wise mum that is forever on a learning quest, the wisdom and lessons of which will spill to her. that and your motherly love - she wont ask for more

Sunflora said...


I got the Ergo from UK but I think they sell them in Singapore.

Thanks for your kind words. Harris is lucky he has you too.

Joy said...

What a beautiful photo!!! You both look so serene and comfortable together.
It is a very natural thing as mothers to think we don't spend enough time with our chidren. I am with them 24hrs a day, and I still feel like I am not giving them enough!!
Yes, they grow so quickly.. but we also need our space to be individuals, and for every one that is different... quilting, reading, working... :)
I know you are doing a great job with the Little One :) Just keep those cuddles going :)