Thursday, March 04, 2004

I am feeling restless again. I guess its hard for my body to adapt back to the slow paced mundane lifestyle that I have at home. I took the long route to the post office. Past the playing field, into the park, up the hill until I reached Churchill Theater. But something is different today. The whole pedestrian area was closed off. I wonder why. I did find out later that it was possibly a bomb hoax. I don't think its even funny any more. Is this what life is defined for the future, the constant threat that some deranged person will rip your life out of you? Then again perhaps Nature has a way of balancing itself. We are living longer afterall, perhaps that's why some people get deranged and threaten to kill off others. Or am I just plain cynical.

The news was a buzz about the string of bombs that went off in Iraq and Pakistan. The Shias were celebrating a Shia festival in Baghdad and Karbala when the bombs went off. 271 was reportedly killed. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was named as the mastermind. Hearing this news and watching the chaos on BBC did affected me a little bit. What have we become as humans in this world? Is it that impossible for us to just sit back and get along? As it is, there is a huge rift between the Palestinians and the Jews. Now apparently the various factions in Iraq are pitted to fight against each other. And the Muslims, they are killing each other too? BBC reported that an Iranian pilgrim was beaten to a pulp by the Iraqis. Perhaps I do not understand the psyche of these people but can our world get any worse?

Is there kindness left in this world? Are we just by driven by greed for power and world domination? Can't we just try to get along? Is it really that hard?

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