Friday, March 19, 2004

Pastry Watch

I approached the bakery section in Marks and Spencer, uncertain what I would pick from the array of pastry available. A toffee cookie? A croissant?

An elderly lady has been hogging the shelves on the left hand corner for awhile. I wonder what's there. As I approached her, I noticed that she has been going through each plastic container with such efficiency. From the top left hand corner, down and then to the right bottom corner. What is she doing? Is she cleaning the plastic compartments?

Then with a swift action, she swoop and put something in her mouth. She stood there chewing, as her hands efficiently proceeded to the next compartment.

She is eating the crumbs!

And I freaked out!

I didn't know if I should be alarmed, concerned, embarrassed or upset. I quickly moved away

I told my companion what I saw and he lamented how pitiful the lady was. Could she not afford to buy herself any food that she is there to eat the crumbs?

I went back to have another look. She was well dressed, in a dark green skirt and a maroon top. But she was very thin and wrinkled with perfectly combed hair.

Perhaps I'd have to go again another day to see if she does it everyday.

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