Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Doris and her parallel Universe

"I am always forgetting where I placed my things and I am forever looking for it. Once I lost the TV remote. I looked for it everywhere and did not find it and so I called my husband to ask him if he had brought it to the office by accident."

We were laughing with Doris. I identified with Doris's frustration when it comes to looking for the tv remote.

"My husband said he left the remote right there on the coffee table and lo and behold it was right there! I swear I looked for it there like 10 times but did not find it."

And we laughed even harder, although we were not trying to be mean to Doris or anything. But she was smilling and she'sa good sport.

"But you know what, I have a theory about it. Its my parallel universe. That my other self in the parallel universe was using it, which was why I couldn't find the item. And when she was done, she put it back and thats when I found it."

"Oh Doris! What a load of bull!" cried Marjorie!

"There is no such thing as parallel Universe! I can't believe that you actually believe in such a cock and bull story."

I however enjoyed the harmless banter. Parallel universe indeed! Whatever next! For me its a a perfect theory one can use as an excuse for forgetfulness!

But I actually googled "parallel universe" and found some information about it! Imagine that! A whole following to the theory!

BBC has an interesting write up and more information about Parallel Universes.
The theory might seem absurd to some but very much believable for others!

Thanks for the anecdote Doris! Whenever I come across the theory of parallel universe again, I will think of you :)


Kak Teh said...

SF I bet I am in the same universe as Doris. Sometimes, I look but can't see, I listened but i dont hear. I'd walk to the kitchen knowing full well that I have something to do but forgot ...i think this is called nyanyok. HmmmI think AuntyN also has the same problems...ramai juga kita ni in this parallel universe.

NurElsa said...

:-)) i couldnt help myself and googled too! you share delightful stories lah!