Friday, March 18, 2005

Ijun made me do this!

Ijun made me do this! I am the wrong person to ask these things but here it goes Ijun.

1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?

Don't know. I think its been mainly tranferred to the Ipod anyways. And we haven't been using the Ipod because we no longer commute.

2. The CD you last bought?

Last CD I bought was a complete set of Imam Sudais (sp) reading the Quran, bought in Mecca. We walked past this booth by the side of the road and heard the proprietor playing the CD. I was mesmerized by his reading. It was my way of bringing back memories of Masjidil Haram back with me. The way he reads the verses make them sound so relaxing and so surreal.

[Gosh I feel OLD! Thanks a lot Ijun! :p]

3. What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
None. Haven't had the chance to listen to music much these days. Although sometimes I do play those classical chill out music or my treasured Brit Awards CD I bought before I left London.

4. Write down five songs that you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.
I don't often listen to songs in general so this is pretty hard. Gosh I am so square! Here are 5 random songs I think I like, although I don't listen to them too often, but its nice when I do hear them by chance.

i) Mad World by Gary Jules - I first heard this song in December 2003. Very haunting and memories of London comes flooding back, although this is our theme song here.

ii)Hey Ya - Outkast - this song reminded me of the time I spent with Syura, Ja and Ajis in Tokyo. Also heard it at a small Italian place in Kurashiki. Brings back memories.

iii) Hotel California by Eagles - our road trip song. Used to have the CD in our car when we drove from Singapore to KL. Will start singing the song when we get sleepy.

iv) Beautiful by Christina Aguilera - heard this song sang by an older lady in Marks and Spencer when I was in the queu at the cashier. Later that day I saw the video on MTV. Somehow the image of Aguilera and the older woman singing it just clicked. If this song can perk the lady up, then its a powerful song indeed.

v) Crawling up a Hill - Katie Melua - I wished I had the chance to watch Melua sing in London. Somehow the lyrics of this song appealed to me. Life is a struggle!

"Crawling Up A Hill"

Every morning (a)bout half past eight,
My Momma wakes me says,
"Don't be late",
Get to the office, tryin' to concentrate,
My life is just a slow train crawling up a hill.

So I stop one day to figure it out,
I'll quit my job without a shadow of a doubt,
To sing the blues that I know about,
My life is just a slow train crawling up a hill.

Minute after minute,
Second after second,
Hour after hour goes by,
Working for a rich girl,
Staying just a poor girl,
Never stop to wonder why.

So here I am in London town,
A better scene I'm gonna be around,
The kind of music that won't bring me down,
My life is just a slow train crawling up a hill.

Now I have to dig out the CDs and refresh my memory. Not sure where the CDs are.

5. Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why.

This has got to be the best part of doing this. Why? Because I read their blogs, I think they are interesting, although I am not too sure if they'd be interested in putting this in their blog. But I will try anyways.

i) Leen aka ashburn
ii) CK

Ijun this excercise made me feel so errk deprived! Where can I download some music? Haven't found anything to replace suprnova :( Suddenly I miss HMV and Virgin Superstore! The last radio transmission I listen to is radio pencen Pok Ku! Gosh I am so sad!


CK said...

Muahahahaha, I never thought I'd be joining the fray on this one. Ok, will try to answer the questions later on today when DD is done with hogging the laptop! :)

CK said...

Ooohh, I love Iman Sudais (sp? also). Downloaded some MP3 surahs by him quiet a while ago. Can you help me buy the whole set, pretty please? TIA!

Anonymous said...

Ahh.. lovely to witness the birth of the blogger virus/worm.

Not even birth.. more like propagation ...


Kak Teh said...

aaah at last boleh post comment. I think blogspot is giving up on us. And sunflora - lets get ijun for this..

Sunflora said...

CK will try its just that the mail service here is non existent.

Anon: Lol I know I am bad but at least it requires some input, not merely a forwarded thing. You know how I feel about serial forwarders.

Kak teh tu la! Finally!

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Sunflora,
Thank you for dropping by. Enjoy your music and your travels!

Bustaman said...

Since Radio Pencen is a degigners radio, you can always ask for happy songs. Heheh.

mobilemom said...

Hehehe..I may do it after all!! Will work on that once I get my hands on my site again. Hehehe!! Interesting!!

And yess sunflora, you can change to my new url site. But somehow I don't have all the old comments anymore..hehehe not that IT savvy!! ;p

iJun said...

Thanks for being a good sport Sunflora! Nanti i belikan you krispy kreme okay? ;)

Leen Ash Burn said...

Yayyyy I have something to put in my blogggg hehehehe

Leen Ash Burn said...


Yam said...


Aiyoh.. you're NOT deprived. Well, I dunno about deprived in the 'music' world though ;)

I'm looking for erm, if I'm not mistaken his name is Imam al-Ghamidi. Imam Saad Said al-Ghamidi?
Sampai sekarang belum beli the CD. *sigh* I'm slowwwww... OK, this month's gaji kena beli ni. Dah lama postpone!

I love the song 'Hey Ya'. LOLs.. actually mula-mula tak suka. But somehow the song grew on me :D