Friday, March 18, 2005

Its Friday

Its Friday and here I am surfing in bed. My butt is cold, my stomach growling with hunger and my throat parched. So what do I do?

Continue surfing.

I anticipate that things will get hectic for the next three weeks. Will be hosting some guests in the household. I need to get the place in order, need to stock up the fridge with proper food, wake up and prepare breakfast for them, and lunch as well.

The blogspot server is getting daft. I wish more people used haloscan now. I wanted to leave many comments on some blog entries but it took ages for the page to reload.

Went for a party last night. I was reluctant to go. Just wanted to crawl in bed and sleep till Subuh. But I dragged myself there. My neighbours and friends were all there.

K, upon introduction to my other half told him, "Why do you not let your wife out more often? We haven't seen her around for ages."

To which he replied, "Well because I like to keep her in chains."

K is a very funny woman. Her other half C used to work for the police in HK. They were telling us about their stories of their travels around the world.

They took a boat from Hong Kong to the Phillipines. On the way there, the water was very choppy and there was water everywhere in the cabin and they could not sleep. For three days, they sat rocking shoulder to shoulder with the other passengers. There was only one dry bed, which belonged to the Captain who had a very strong BO. So they had to fight, to sleep, with their nose clipped on the Captain's bed when he is on watch.

And there was T, celebrating St Patricks Day. Its funny how in this company, it doesn't matter where we're origionally form, people will ask us, "So where is home?"

T asked us where is home for us and it took me awhile to answer that question. We don't yet know where home will be. I left the country 11 years ago, and only came back for brief stays. Hubby has been working abroad for the same amount of time. We didn't get to stay at any location for more than a year since we've been married, except for London. So we call London home for now. Its the place where we set up our home. Where we've stayed the longest since we've been married.

But we always get the weird looks. Why London? Or eeiik! Or Mengadanya!

They don't have to say anything. I could tell from their eyes.

Most people don't really understand us, living this nomadic life. I was telling the other half, about my conversation with CN the other day, "Kenapa tak balik Malaysia?"

But she isn't the only one who asked us that.

But my initial reaction was, "Why?"

And I guess we do very well in cushioning ourselves with people who lead the same sort of lives we do. Amongst my neighbours and friends, we are not anomalies. We are normal. In fact some of my neighbours travel more than we do. Went to more adventurous places than we have. Travel more often than we could afford to. Some are well into their retirement age, with no children. And no worries about not having any children. Perhaps we seek people who are similar to us. People who see the world the same way we do. Its dangerous, it was unplanned but somehow it made us click together.

Home for us is where we could be happy together. I am a crab, I carry my shell, my home with me where ever I go. And in every country we've lived in, we managed to make it our home. I live for here and today, and the after life. What tomorrow will bring, Allah has predestined it for us.


CN said...

isk.. kiter kna blog ngan SF .. heheh..

er.. was it a sensitip question?

Sunflora said...

Hehehhe no CN its just that you were the latest person to ask me :)

Awak balik bile?

atenah said...

the world is getting smaller..but to some people they still see boundaries eg london means mengada, i think these people have blinkers on, just my 2 cents