Saturday, October 15, 2005

One of those nights

Perhaps I had too good a night last night. Was invited to dinner which consist of lauk ayam perchik, gula kan masin dan terung, daging kering dan chill kicap, pecal, sambal belacan, with desserts, sri muka, pengat pisang, Um Ali, murtabak dan berbagai lagi hingga saya tak dapat nak list kat sini.

Came home at about 11 pm, got in bed, could not sleep until sahur time!! Now I am groggy and my body is aching all over. My eyes were closed but I simply could not doze off. I thought I wanted to get up and sew since I could not sleep but I couldn't haul myself out of bed either!

And how my whole body is aching. Can't seem to move from my bed but can't sleep either! must remember not to drink tea after iftar! I know I cannot drink coffee after 2 pm! But now no tea either? I did have a cup of chamomile tea before tucking into bed but it didn't seem to kick off.

Not in the mood to explain prepositons but I already cancelled class once, so I dont want to cancel it again! I am begining to become quite unreliable! And I musn't use Ramadhan as an excuse!


Sorry to disappoint Atiza, Nef, Angel Eyes, Mobilemum & KakTeh. Yeah MM when I was talking to Kakteh earlier, I thought I would be gong back for Raya. Got those tickets booked and all, but errr circumstances has made it such that it would be too short a trip and I thought it will be better to postpone it to next year. Plus I haven't spent a Raya here, so will year will get an idea what's it like. Kakteh yeah Insyallah one of these days hopefully ade rezeki we'll meet up either in KL or London.

MiV nasib smalam saya dapat makan murtabak! Yummy! I had 5 pieces I think!

Trust, sini takde freshnye :(

Elisa, check your email :) Kalau sudi sila datang :)

Atiza, tu la kan unfortunately these things do happen. its not that I am saying "men are evil heartless creatures," its just that I feel for the women in that predicament. :(


mobilemom said...

It's OK SF. Maybe next time. Dictator has been informed. We thought having you guys home would be a good time to have a mini reunion again.

Anyway, you have a good Eid and have fun. Have a good iftar. Take care and regards to the hubby.


Leen Ash Burn said...

Was looking forward to meet up with you this year - the last time was 2 years back eh?

Tak pe lah takde rejeki, maybe next year perhaps kan? :-)

Hugs to you, regards to your beloved :)

madnessinvain said...

5? Alhamdulillah, rezeki dari tuhan. Sebut-sebut aje, ada depan mata. :)

anasalwa said...

Sunflora, so many dishes. I'm familiar with all the dishes you mentioned in your entry except Um Ali. What is it?
And the murtabak must be delicious......

atiza said...

I guess your body (mainly your tummy) was having a shock due to too much food intake kot? it'll pass by noon..InsyaAllah

anyway, take care..

elisataufik said...

thankyou ma'am.. sudah baca, sudah reply, sudah baca your reply :)
nanti kita calling-calling, okay?

You know what, that kakak that made nasik kerabu, she's from Pattani as well.Her husband works for the government as an interpreter or something. Her husband is usually the 'ustaz' yg ajar mengaji and imam terawih and such, and she teaches tajwid to us ladies. I hear she has relatives in Makkah. Same person?