Thursday, October 20, 2005

Which direction do we go?

Its that time of the year again. Contract renewal time. Its the time we get antsy. Will we be staying or will we be packing our bags to go?

J told us that she will be moving out of the compound in 3 weeks. I was very sad at first, and my reaction was the same as Ely's, "Why is it that the nice people go away, and the trouble makers get to stay?"

Our quilt sewing group is getting smaller. Alice, was given 14 days notice to pack her bags and go home. She is back in the States now. And now J, they're moving out because it was contract renewal time and they decided that they want to move to a cheaper place to save more money. At the end of the day, despite what people say, the truth of the matter is, we are all here for the money. Sure, some say they like the sun, some like the lifestyle, other even venture into liking the culture. But the main driving force has got to be the economics of things. And whats the point of being out here if we don't save enough, pay off our debts and build for the future?

As for us, well we decided that perhaps we want to stay here for awhile. We may move compounds but perhaps try to live it out here if Allah determines that our rezeki is meant to be here. To Him I have to put my trust. In my prayers I always asked him, that if he thinks that its best for us to be here, please make us feel happy and peaceful here, and if he thinks that our rezeki is elsewhere, please show us the way, make it easy for us to make our decision.

Perhaps some will call it Blind Faith. But I do believe in both freewill and predestination. We have the free will to do good or evil, but a lot of the paths in our lives have been predestined. Perhaps it may not make sense to you, but somehow the idea clicked on with me.

My beloved has been buried under work lately. Didn't even have the time to come home for iftar. SO much so we had to cancel our plans to fly back for Eid. Funny thing was, the HR dept made such a fuss when he told them that he was cancelling his leave. HUH! We would love for him to go on leave, thank you very much! Did they think its great fun to cancel a holiday? So he had to get his Manager to talk to the HR manager about the leave cancellation. A lot of times, I don't understand how people think in this country. Their manner of reasoning is just so different. The HR manager made some noise about "Whats the point of making leave plans when you don't adhere to them?" What about project deadlines? Well whatever.

Its the weekend and he is working through all weekend. *sigh* Nak rezeki Halal la katakan. What about those people who report to work at 11 and leave at 3 because its Ramadhan?

To each his own I guess.


madnessinvain said...

Rezeki halal will make you full for a long period even you eat a little potion. Berkat. :)

auntylela said...

I see you are on YM with the rest of the geng...include me in your YM list. Ada benda nak tanya.
ID: kudaka2001

elisataufik said...

taufik has no qualms in telling people that we'll be here "..sampai boring, or sampai kaya, whichever comes first"
I think as long as our lives are not in any danger, he'll continue to work here until he feels he's financially comfortable.

Sunflora said...

MIV, Insyallah. AMin :)

Kaklela I have added you, pending your approval.

Elisa, ahhhh yes thats why I actually know people who work here for as long as 22 years!