Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sick of eating out? How about burnt boiled eggs?

One of the main difference since we moved here is that we eat out A LOT here. Partly because we can afford it better here and partly because its all Halal here. I think I will be hard pressed to name fast food places we have not sampled.

I have been somewhat on strike during this ramadhan. Have not done much cooking myself. Partly because the shops are opened odd hours and partly because I am too "weak" or more likely I've just been too lazy. The first week was mainly Arabic fare. You name it, we had it, Chicken Kabsah (Nasi Buhari to the rest of you), Mande lamb and chicken, various grilled meats. etc etc. Then there was a surge of Chinese food. Went to about 3 different Chinese restaurants. Had roast duck, roast chicken, wantan soup, fried wantan, Scechuan beef and tofu. Then we had rounds of Thai food. Tom yams, beef salad, prawn salad, squid salad, green curry, deep fried fish in hot sour sauce, Kai Lan etc etc etc. So finally yesterday my dearest declared that he doesn't want to have any Chinese or Thai food for awhile.

I have been somewhat out of character myself since this Ramadhan. I actually made sambal belacan! 3 jars full thank you very much! Beloved says he can count on his fingers the number of times I actually made sambal belacan since we've been married! Told you honey, I tak pandai sangat masak-masak Melayu ni hehehee.

Just the other day I managed to burn my WMF pot! (Ni macam hint nak periuk baru sebenarnya maklumla Port Store ade sale :P) And what was I cooking? I made fish head asam pedas, with the last remaining leaves of my Kesum leaves. This being Ramadhan, with the smattering of iftar invites, the Asam pedas was reheated, placed in the fridge and reheated again for three days in a row. On the fourth day, I reheated it on the stove and somehow forgot all about it. Suddenly, the smell very similar to Ikan Bakar whiffed into the living room. Hmmm wonder who is grilling fish? Then I saw the smoke! Oh dear oh dear! My now very "kau" and very mesra asam pedas is smoking in the pot! I turned off the stove and opened the pot. All too late now, its all blackened. Too burnt to be saved! *sigh* So much for my asam pedas!

And my burnt pot? Well I left it soaking in the sink for 3 whole days. And finally, thank god for the creation of Bicarbonate of Soda I managed to scrap most of the burnt bottoms off!

Hmmm I really should have a list of things I have sucessfully managed to burn over the years! I assure you that I am capable of even burning boiled eggs. I burnt some paus while attempting to heat them up in the microwave. I now have successfully burnt asam pedas. Also managed to burn some pulut hitam.

I guess what I am saying is, I am very good at burning things! Its a skill I have perfected over the years!

So honey, if you don't want to eat out anymore, what about burnt toast or burnt maggie? Heheheheh. Sabar bang sabar ni bulan Ramadhan ;)

How about Japanese food? Shall we go to Tokyo Restaurant soon? I've been salivating since reading KakLelaHiro's buka fare :) Nak Ikura, nak unagi, nak udon, nak zarusoba nak tenpura. Semua nak!


elisataufik said...

In Riy@dh ada Japanese Restaurant eh?? I've been craving for sushi for a looooooong time..
tapi actually, kalau pregnant , its not advisable to eat raw fish. Tapi what the heck, orang Jepun beranak okay je..
Raya nanti dia bukak tak?

p/s I dah reply your email. Reply cepatt!!

Sunflora said...


Well for a start, just to manage your expectation, the sushi is acceptable rather than fantastic. There are 3 Jap restaurants, one is good for sushi, one has a standard Jap fare ie soba, udon and tenpura, great but not fantastic. The third is a teppanyaki place. But if sushi is what you're looking for, the buffet at 4 seasons or Spazzio is very fresh and good, just that they don't have a huge variety. For example the unagi is RM20 for 2 pcs (at Tokyo rest.) A handroll is RM15 ;) just to give you an idea.

Bahrain too have a few sushi places, one is an upmarket sushi place behind Ramada, the other is at The Gulf hotel.

Nanti I will find out from the outlets here kalau bukak Raya ok :)

Email dah balas dah :)

dr in the house said...

You sound very much like my second daughter who loathe cooking and burning food is her forte. In fact she once wrote on how she burnt the cat's food here:

To be frank, I haven't been cooking much either this Ramadhan :)

atn said...

you cannot beat me lah, i swear i am the worst cook ever, tu yg malas nak citer tu

atiza said...

lain macammmmmmmjer bunyi nih :) aalborg said...

wei, how did you manage to burn HARD BOILED EGGS??? strange.

auntylela said...

nak taulah hai cik SA,
kalau pulut hitam tu dah terbakar, jadi warna apa ek?
Punyalah beruntung duk kat sana, semuanya kedai makan halal?
You know, kat Jepun setahun I makan agak 2 kali saja...again, 2 kali sahaja di kedai luar.
Mana nak cari kedai 100% halal?
Yang ada satu kedai, daging halal tapi dapur campur2, alat masak campur2...
Oh...ikura dan unagi boleh beli dan jilat jari kat rumah(org tak nampak kan?).

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

i hate cooking. i can't cook. or rather, i refuse to cook. i'm not even sure if i can cook these days.

tu la sampai skrg takdak lelaki nak kat aku. hahaha ... sebab takmau/taktau masak.

lelaki semua tak guna.


Sunflora said...

Dr welcome to my blog. Unfortunately the censors here decide to block all xanga sites for now so I was unable to view your daughter's website. But I managed to view yours though. Very interesting indeed!

Atn, but you are a superwoman! ;)

Atiza hahahah bunyi cemana tu?

Ailin, Strange? hahahah I think I did this many many many times. Thing is I let the eggs boil in the pot until the water all dried up, the bottom of the pot turns black from the burn and the eggs got burnt in the process as well. One time, I only was aware that I had left the eggs to burn when the smoke alarm sounded ;)

I have the memory span of a pea sometimes.

Heheheh pulut hitam tu jadi rentung dah tu dia melekat kat bawah periuk mcm arang :)

Ahhh Kaklela masa saya duk kat London dulu pun camtu. Nak makan luar halal kene drive carik restaurant Melayu atau middle eastern. Tu pasal kat sini macam buang niat makan luar je selalu pasal dah puas masak sendri kat London hehehe.

Huwaaa saya masih belum dapat Ikura dan Unagi!!

Babe, guess you need to pikat a chef then? Then again I noticed that even men who can cook, once they get married, they seldom cook! Lelaki bergunalah untuk mintak depa move/carry heavy objects ;)

mobilemom said...

Hmm.. sound's like someone is "craving"? hehehe...

sushi...ohh sedapnya... tak sabar nak balik. Sini sushi..mahal!! Hubby now eats sashimi. So ada gang!! But first, must get my appetite back when I go home!!