Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blogspot blocked

So I logged in this morning to check out my blog and the regular blogs that I read. And what did I find? That the local ISP has blocked all access to all * Uh Uh.

Hope this is just a temporary ban. Grrrrrrr


Lollies said...

oh tidakkkk

NurElsa said...

i pray that its a temporary thing!!!

dr in the house said...

another local glitch? :))

I ve read your recent 2 entries on how it was difficult to survive there as wives . Probably you could start a small group and gather regulalrly for some usrah activity. I pray that all of you wives there are given strength to endure all the possible harshness there maybe.

atiza said...

So long that I can read yours then it's okay.. :)

elisataufik said...

like that also got ah?
i thought they only ban porn sites and other 'sensitive sites'.. maybe there are saudis that blog and rat on the government kah?

well, you are always welcomed on modblog ;)

p/s eh eh.. just crossed my mind.. i hope it's not coz of my user pic.. kih kih kih