Monday, November 14, 2005

Somewhat upset

Why is it some people only care about how much they have been offended and not realize how much they have offended other people?

In some ways, this feel like a kindergarten tiff and I try to refuse to dignify it with a response or even an acknowledgement. But I guess when someone splash water on you, you will get somewhat wet. Although I want to ignore the person's attention seeking behaviour, somehow I cannot help cursing and feeling somewhat upset with this person.

Unlike other people who, when they did something wrong, immediately point fingers to other people, I try to look inside and ask myself. Was it me? If I am the insulting and the offensive one why do people come to me sometimes even to complain about her? Don't get me wrong, its not about taking sides, but I found that I'm not the only one who have problems getting along with her and I am too polite to tell her that.

Perhaps she should look into herself and ask why people stay away from her, instead of blaming on other people. She claims that the others are prejudiced because she is married to a local. But its difficult to hangout with someone who is constantly trying to preach instead of making a jovial conversation.

Example of a conversation:

A: Oh no, why are they bombing Amm@n now? What are the @l-q@edah up to? What do they want to achieve?

Her: No kak its not necessarily the @l-q@aeda doing all this. I disagree that its the Musl|ms are doing this. Perhaps its the IRA thats responsible.

Me: IRA? Gimme a break! (<--- comment considered sarcastic)

{grrrrrrr takde orang bagitau kat dia ka IRA nak buat apa pi bomb tempat tu! Tapi degil nyer pasal dia nak jugak tegakkan benang yang basah tu. Pasai apa? Dia tak nak ngaku yang buat bende ni orang @rab. Taulah dia kawin dgn orang @rab tapi tak semestinya kita criticize some sections of the society sama cam kita condem laki dia. Malas betul! Kalau tercakap skit tercritcize skit psal org Timur tengah dia yang terasa dah tu dia nak defend. Tu psal org semua insulting to her psal apa kita bual dia ingat its all about HER. GRrrrrrrr)

But anyways, I refuse to allow this deteriorate into a rant or a list of how much she has upset me. Just that I need to vent out some steam.

To quote a friend whom I had a conversation with, "Some people cannot differentiate being a Musl|m and an Ar@bb." Some people feel that to be a religious person is to adopt the arr@bic culture and customs.

Go figure.


Count Byron said...

Nice thoughts on world issues and problems plaguing the moslem nations. We just have to take stock and rebuild our generation and those to come so as not to fall into the same trap.
Will visit and read more..
Thanks for sharing:

dr in the house said...

Yeah, I've heard so much on how these Arabs look down on other Muslim nations and always putting on a 'hollier-than-you' attitude...that friend of yours should have noticed that glaring fact by now,evenmore so that she's married to one. But I guess love can blind all the negative side of things....should we wonder more why muslims can never unite despite what Rasululullah has preached?

Sunflora said...

Count Byron sir, I wish that a lot more people think like you. Thanks for visiting and what a lovely blog you have.

Dr in the house,
Exactly! Love can be blind and that combined with the holier than thou attitude, it can be crippling. Actually instead of noticing the glaring fact, she is actually embracing and perpetuating it. She tells me, the country of her birth place is "full of sin." *rolls eyes*

Lollies said...

muahahaha IRA?

Some people think that there only muslims in Arab Saudi, just because they are wearing the jubah and the name sounds arabic. Obviously their names are Arabic, they are Arabs for god sake.

NurElsa said...

:) like some Malays who think they are just sooo much better than Chinese/Indian Muslims?

I guess there lots of ppl with this attitude, regardless of their race and beliefs...