Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What can you do with leftover nasi impit?

OK the story went like this. There were rumours here that Eid would fall on the 2nd November, so we got all excited. I decided that I wanted to eat kuah Lodeh for Eid this year with the Brahim Nasi Impit. So on the afternoon of the 1st November, I boiled all 6 packs of the Nasi Impit. At the same time we had made plans with some friends to have a BBQ on the night before Eid. (Which was the sticky part really because we didn't know exactly when Ed was going to be.) The plan was, we'd buy the meat and marinade them on the 1st, if Eid was announced to be on the 2nd, we'd have the BBQ that night, otherwise we'd keep them for another night.

However, my dearest decided that he was too excited to wait for the Eid announcement and called our friends to come over and have the BBQ that night. So while lighting up the BBQ fire, we waited and waited for the sms from friends, hopefully tellng us that Eid was to be tomorrow (the 2nd). But it wasn't meant to be. We had our BBQ and the nasi impit was placed in the fridge.

I thought I would cook kuah lodeh the following day, but we received a call in the morning, inviting us for Malam raya grub at a friend’s place. It was really yummy and we had a blast.

And the Nasi impit stayed in the fridge.

At this point, my plan was to cook the kuah lodeh on the morning of Eid, so we could have it for lunch. But on the morning of Eid, we received a call at 8 am, inviting us for a Laksa brunch. Yummy! So we got dressed and went over for some lovely laksa.

And that night we had dinner at the Embassy. Food was yummy! Almost everyone was dressed in baju kurung and there was some lagu Raya.

And my Nasi impit was still in the fridge.

On the second day of Eid, we had another lunch invite. This time it’s a full pledged home-made laksa! Ade mokcik from gannu and her daughter made home made laksa noodles with authentic laksa gravy. It was soooo good that we ALL had at least two bowls of laksa each, until there was no more gravy!

That evening, for dinner, I took one pack of Nasi Impit out to eat with the kuah lodeh and rending which we bought from the local Indonesian shop.

5 packs of Nasi Impit remained in the fridge.

The following day, we decided that we had to do something with the nasi impit or it will all go to waste and t would be a shame really. So my dearest suggested that we made Soto Ayam and invited some friends over for dinner. The Soto Ayam was a hit although we only used up 4 packs of Nasi Impit.

And we’re still left with the last bag of Nasi Impit.

What can we do with it? I am no longer excited about cooking kuah lodeh. Already had some kuah kacang with some nasi Impit the other day. Made the soto.

So what or how else can we have the Nasi impit with? I really don’t want the last bag to go to waste, so I would really appreciate it if you can provide me with suggestions for the Nasi Impit.

And how did your Eid went?

9 comments: aalborg said...

What a good question. I still have 4 packets of nasi impit from our satay last Sunday. Was thinking of making soto ayam. Or kuah lodeh. What ah should I do with them?

lilac said...

If I still have any leftover nasi impit I'd probably make lontong goreng since I've already made soto ayam, sayur lodeh & the rest.
I don't have the exact recipe but I remembered that the ingredients are somewhat like making nasi goreng (with a little bit of dried prawns). Fry the nasi impit with a dash of kicap sauce first. Remove it from the wok and then fry the blended ingredients. Garnish with bawang goreng, daun sop, bawang and telur dadar. aalborg said...

haha..last night, semua orang makan nasi impit, seperti nasi biasa. ala... kan nasi jugak. impit ke, tak impit ke... rezeki...

Leen Ash Burn said...

I was just about to suggest soto but I guess S beat me to it *pouts* hehehe.

What about lontong kering? You can eat your nasi impit with serunding, then buat sikit sambal sotong (or ikan bilis or whatever really), daging rendang masak kering-kering. It'll be a nice change from the kuah-kuah.

Dang, now I'm hungry.

auntylela said...

Klela masak 2 bungkus nasi impit adabi utk 40 people, itu pun tak the rest klela makan sendiri, sikit2 habis juga.

Lollies said...

buat sate and use the only one pack of nasi impit, buat kuah kacang.

elisataufik said...

i too, have one packet left.. not sure what to do about it yet either.

If I ever come to Riyadh, don't forget to introduce me to that makcik that makes Laksa Trengganu!

Is Nov24th still on? Taufik thinks a weekend is too short, and I'm trying to explain to him what is the retreat all about.. camner?

Jane Johan said...

SF: nasi himpit ni tak leh buat nasi goreng ker? hehehh...

Slamat Rayer...;-)

atiza said...

honeytar..boleh..tapi nama dia kena tukar to nasi himpit goreng..

buat macam nak buat nasik goreng biasa, tapi nasi ubah jadik nasik himpit..


nasi himpit bolognaise..

cara-caranya (chewah..):
(i) pergi kedai beli one jar of bolognaise sauce with added mushroom
(ii) buy mince meat
(iii) bawang benggala or bombay onion (kalau my ex-maid kata 'bawang bhombhay' - ada qalqalah skit)
(iv) kalau berani, buh la chopped garlic

sauteed chopped onions, garlic and mince meat..dah dekat nak brown tu, buh sauce..time nak makan, slobbered kat nasi himpit..nak ummpphh, tabur la chopped rosemary ka..apa-apa la...

selamat mencuba :)