Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cultural Difference

Whats the difference between a Ma/aysian and a Sing@porean?

We had seen the X5 a few times. Once outside a compound of a friend and another time parked near the Ustaz’s house. And both times we saw L* there. So we guessed that L* must be driving the X5. Not satisfied, we asked L* at the Ustaz’s house the other day.

H.. L* is that your X5 parked outside?

L*: Yes it is.

Me: Very good choice! Very nice!

H: Yeah we almost got one too.

L*: Yeah you know the X5 here is the same price of a Camry in Sing@pore and I got it with a good offer.

In a true Cik Bedah manner, the nurse who sat next to me, whom I knew for barely 15 mins asked me. How much?

I didn’t know it myself and waited for the question to be asked.

H: If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you get it for?

L*: 210

Me to Cik Bedah: two ratus sepuluh.

And she asked me to repeat at least three times. Two ten. Dua ratus sepuluh. Dua ratus sepuluh ribu. It’s an X5 for goodness sake and he’s bought it brand new. Rilek la kak. That gaping look is not becoming of you. Nanti lalat masuk!


W: So where do you live?

Me: Zippy compound

W: Where is that?

Me: Exit 9.

W: Where is exit 9?

Me: Near the airport.

W: Wahhh! So farr!!! I live in downtown only! Very near ah very easy!

The Ma/aysian thinks RM100 is very expensive and the Sing@porean thinks 100 km is very far.


Lollies said...

ha ha ha. kelakar gila. but you know what. we are so jakun with the relatively cheap car here (compare dgn Malaysia yang mahal nak mampus tu) where can get X5 210. Lover macam nak borong semua mercedes BMW segala. But I wanted the big car. So we got Ford. I think he will be eyeing for hummer pulak. I still want BIG car

Leen Ash Burn said...

Hahahah this is a very nice piece Babes!

BTW, re: Pednisolone (entry below) I was on and off it due to asthma and I blame it solely for my weight gain (Please do not tell the world that I am a pelahap okay hehe). And ohhh, facial hairs lagi. And it makes ur bones brittle so you'd best stock up on them calciums.

auntylela said...

The comments will take up 10 pages and more if I talked about the differences between a born-malaysian and a born-singaporean.
Better not start.

Sunflora said...

Lollies.. which hUmmer do you like? H2? I think the H3 here is 140 je but I thinks its a bit short.

And the other thing bigger than Hummers are ... drum rolls... dumster trucks!! Heheheheh

You know I like Hummer too.

Leen, tu la I neglected my Calcium a little bit at the beginning and now I am paying for it. Huwaaaaaa.

PS you are always cute laaa.

KakLela hahahah 10 pgs je? ;)

Leen Ash Burn said...

If only the boys think so too heh heh heh *gelak getik*