Thursday, June 08, 2006

Exhausted from walking

Reluctantly with trepidation
She put on the pair of shoes
A gift it was
One that she could not refuse

Many had gotten it before
And raved about its glory
Claim that everyone should have one
And it is for everybody

Those who don’t have it
Go through great lengths to acquire them
Some successful and some not
Some destined not to have them

She was weary of the shoes
Least they pinch on her toes
For she has gigantic feet
Free to roam the streets

The shoes often held her back
Made her change how she walked
Much slower in case of blisters
Following the footsteps of her sisters

Sometimes she feels like returning the gift
For the shoes felt too big
But when given such a thing
One cannot hesitate

Her shoes brought her so much attention
So much happiness
And so much anxiety
It needed all her energy

Walking in the shoes
Gave her a backache
Her head spinning
Her shoulders aching

So when someone gives you a gift
Be weary
Of the responsibility
The headache, the heartache

That comes
When wearing a new shoe
Especially if it’s a gift
That you can't refund

Its yours for keeps


elisataufik said...

don't feel ashamed if the shoe hurts and you feel like throwing it out. It's a normal feeling...
What I would worry about more is if you're unsure of the reason for putting on the shoe in the first place.
Search your heart, understand yourself.. and you will find comfort in your honesty.

p/s rest assured that you're not the only one who sometimes wish they could run around barefoot.

Lollies said...

i wonder what metaphor this should could be.;)

gifts doesn't come without responsibility. responsibility comes with sacrifices.