Friday, June 23, 2006

Sexual Harassment

This story was relayed to me by Zah yesterday. It happened to her husband’s friend at the airport on his way to the plane to catch a flight home.

To prepare for his flight he shaved his beard and mustache, so he’d be clean shaven when he arrives home to meet with his wife and kids.

At the airport, he felt a hand at the back of his jeans.

“Very nice,” said the voice.

And he thought the admirer was admiring his jeans.

But the hand still remained there. And the touch began to feel like a grope.

“Very nice very nice” said the voice again.

He walked away as fast as he could. He was too shocked to do anything else.

I reckon he should have given the other guy a black eye.


Every now and then I hear stories of women being harassed here. But men being harassed, this is my first time.

What does a man do when he is molested? Should he try to embarass the other guy and pop him one? Slap him? How would the spectators react? Fight with the other guy? What if the molester enjoys the physical contact?

Most guys would be too embarassed to do anything anyways. He doesn't want to draw further attention to himself. But thats what bullys know and capitalize on. They choose their victims well.

What would you do?


Lollies said...

ayooo so takutt.

elisataufik said...

some of the melayu guys over here feel uncomfortable when pak2 arab cium lama2 sangat.. tee hee.
I think he should've just turned around and go "Hoi!" and push the guy over (so that the attention falls on the guy, not on him).
tapi don't know lah if I would be able to do it when I'm in that situation.
A makcik over here said she hit her handbag over the guy's head and yelled "himar" (or something that means donkey) when a guy touched her bottom in a shop. That guy got chased out of the shop by the owner.

Kulat Bulat said...

kat mana ni ada kes raba punggung ni?

kulat masih terkulat2.

Mel Ija said...

Oh no..!! A guy got groped by another guy. Since I'm no guy, I don't know what a guy should do. But I guess be macho and curse out loud..??

auntylela said...

don't know what to do if I am that guy.
But there again, I am not a guy, so don't know what guys think in this situation.