Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brrrrrr and Uhuk-uhuk

Brussels was much colder than London. Thank god we got her a snowsuit to wear but the little one as usual, hates being covered up. She refused to wear her hat and we lost her new scarf on the plane. The rain followed us everywhere we went. Even to Belgium!

As we walked up the street towards our hotel, we were stopped by an old lady. Once again, I didn't understand what she meant except I think she was scolding me in French for not keeping my baby warm enough! She tried in vain to put The Little One's mitts on, she tried in vain to zip The Little One up.

"Ooo La La........." followed by words I didn't understand and then "Uhuk uhuk!" as she feigned a fake cough.

I showed her The Little One's hat and even put it on The Little One's head only to be quickly taken off by The Little One. She realised that this little missy born in the middle east out of belacan eating parents didn't like hats, mitts or scarves of any sort.

The kindly old lady gave The Little One a kiss on her cheek and we said good bye.

My Dear Little One, life is so different travelling with you. The same roads we used to roam are no longer the same with you in our arms. In some cases, the roads became better! You brought smiles to the faces of strangers, smiles which I may not have been able to see have you not been with us.

May you lead a life full of smiles and be surrounded with people who love you always.

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