Sunday, January 28, 2007

My greatest weakness

There is one thing I cannot resist. As Awang Goneng aptly pointed out to me before, hogging is a sin ( ;)) but when it comes to shoes I have this weakness that I simply cannot overcome. Just recently on our holiday I acquired five pairs of shoes, three of them from my uncle Ferragamo. In my defence, I got them at very good prices, discounted no less, half off! At Bicester I bought 2 boots, one very practical black, flat shiny boots which were exceedingly comfortable. Now if you have big feet like me, comfortable shoes meant men shoes. But not since I was introduced to uncle Ferragamo! And the other is a very pretty 4cm heels. In Brussels, I got a pair of court shoes. Again I can never resist a good bargain.

The fourth was the classic Chanel ballerina pumps. Now I am compelled to buy from this one because for one, Chanel isn't available here. And two, when I wanted to buy them back in Singapore and/or Malaysia, they didn't have my size. Apparently, there don't bring in size 9s. Surely shoe sizes have changed back in Singapore/Malaysia but no they didn't bring in any. So of course I HAD to buy them! Its a necessity!

The fifth pair was a no brainer. It was a thirteen pound, fifteen pence Nine West shoes. We have Nine West here but the sort of shoes they bring in is so different from the ones available in the UK. Here they bring in the strappy sandals and the ornamental shoes while over there there bring in the sensible, very comfortable, walking shoes. I supposed people don't walk as much in their shoes here. With no public transport, its only 5 steps to the car and another 5 steps from the car to the door of the Mall. I was so chuffed when I found out that the origional price was fifty-five pounds, reduced twice before finally reduced to thirteen fifty. Almost bought another pair but I absolutely could not fit in another pair in my luggage. In fact, I could hardly zip up my luggage!

So I thought I had enough shoes for the year surely. As hubby dearest would say, I am all shoed out. Surprise, surprise! With little instigation yesterday, I bought another pair of white Ferragamo sandals. Of course its too cold to wear them now! But imagine wearing them in the Summer, when it gets really hot here. Surely I won't be able to wear the above boots and pumps! I will definitely need the open toed sandals!

My dearest wasn't too pleased. After all I, promised to save for the next holiday since we got back. But at three hundred eighty ringgit I could not resist!

When it comes to shoes. Especially comfortable ones and Ferragamo ones. I just cannot resist!

I've come a long way since my $20 budget on school shoes. At $20, it meant I had to wear canvas Bata, which had to be kapo-ed for most of my school going ife!


Nazrah said...


am not convinced you are all shoed out. takes only a little nudge to get you a few manolos and louboutins no?

you are so right abt size 9 in spore! it's a conspiracy!

elisataufik said...

I am proud to announce that I didnt buy any shoes when I balik malaysia this time :)
But I bought lotsa stuff in Indonesia!!! baju murah giller.

I am back, but i didnt have internet. harini baru online.
and I can't log into efx2. tak tahu sebab apa.. nak kena troubleshoot coz i am DYING to update my blog.