Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lost and found


1.A child's navy blue scarf. Bought before the trip from a man who tried to get me to introduce some Mal@ysian or Ind0nesian woman to him. I don't understand much Ar@bic but I understood what he was saying. Don't think I'll go back there to buy back the scarf.

2. A very nice right hand side leather glove, bought while backpacking in Florence. Lost it someplace between the bus stop square and/or the bus back to the main train station in Brugge. Between pacifying a crying baby and feeding her apple compote.
Would love to go back to that shop in Florence but I don't think they'd have my glove at the same price again.

3. All sense of style. With biscuit crumbs on my jacket, in my pocket and on my scarve. I look like a bag lady with a bag filled with all sort of things I need to potter about when travelling with a 1 year old.

4.A Humprey Corner's stripy hat. Lost it in London somewhere. Was very sure it was in my coat jacket. Actually I even suspect that it could have been pickpocketed. I am not even sure if we took any pictures of The Little One wearing it. Already bought a replacement pink hat with strings to tie it under her chin.


1. Smiles on peoples' faces when The Little One waves to them or when she smiles at them. People are constantly trying to amuse her either by playing peek-a-bo or waving to her.

2.The London zoo after walking over an hour around Regents Park. We decided to stop at Bakerloo Street Station and walk to the zoo, but kept on going in circles before finding the zoo!

3.Kakteh, ArtFadzil and MelayudiLondon at Mawar. Actually we arranged to meet Kakteh there. We chatted over kuay teow goreng, gula melaka, roti canai, cucur udang, teh tarik and carrotapple juice. The music was fabulous as well.

4. That life has really and truly changed since we have The Little One.


Kak Teh said...

sunflora, after you left, i found my voice and did a duet with art fazil. Lost: I think aftermy duetwith artafzil, Mawar lost several customers! hahahah!
it was really nice meeting the three of you! We will meet again, Insyaallah!

Sunflora said...

Kakteh!! Sheesshh ruginya to have missed that!! Just that AM was getting a bit cranky :( Yes will meet again next time Insyallah!