Monday, January 29, 2007


It seems I have lost my coherance and my ability to spell. I don't know what happened to me, somewhere between pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing I seem to have lost the ability to spell. Ocasionally when I do get to re-read my post I find countless spelling mistakes and even grammar mistakes! Have I lost some brain cells?

Perhaps I havent had time to read as much as I used to. I read AnaSalwa entries about the books she recently read and I am envious. My literary staple these days include blogs, magazines and the ocasional child development books. And a few children books of course. Nothing too complex, just books with a lot of pictures and minimal words. Is that why my spelling capability is dimisnishing? All the grrrr and the awwww and the meowwss and the mbeekkss? Perhaps my spelling brain cells have been replaced by animal sounds brain cells.

Or perhaps its my medication? It has made me lose a lot of hair! They seem to fall off in clumps. Does losing one's hair make one unable to spell or string gramatically coherant sentences?

Anyways I want to know if anyone else has a suggestion how I can regain these brain cells back!


CestmoiCK said...

Hmm...Y will be 5yo next month. I still am forgetful, blurrrr, etc. Lost brain cells remain lost eh? Kot kena makan Gingko Biloba? Hehe.

U take care and hugs for AM.

elisataufik said...

we lose and grow some amount of brain cells every day, but since we breastfeed, our growth rate is slower coz most of the nutrients are sucked out by our babies. take extra omega3 oils or eat more salmon and tenggiri. i found it has helped me a lot.
ada plan nak dtg khobar? i want to pass some stuff to azura (and maybe even sample her frozen pau)
you can eat keropok or not?

Nazrah said...

i am such a forgetful nut i'd have to come back n forth for things I forget to bring. my ayah wonders if i'd be nyanyuk if I get pregnant again.what i am most afraid is that it's due to my laziness to read the quran.

anyway, it could be hormones, it could be your brain cud just be that you are too crazy about your baby to pay attention to other things.That's good right?

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

hi there. lama tak mai sini.

anyway, i read somewhere (atually it was in NST yonks ago) that women who undergo labour pain lose about 2mil brain cells and they're not replaced with new ones.

i only read the headline and the subheadline aje. so cannot tell you more. even if i read more, because i had given birth, i wouldn't be able to remember what i've read.

kisses to the baby!