Saturday, February 03, 2007

Another sale I could not resist

I know, I know, I am getting too predictable. All I talk about is shopping. But hey what's a woman to do when the sales here is really really good? How good you may ask. Well, Debenhams has been having this sale and their sales item were reduced up to 70% off. And just for two days, they have a buy one and get one free, promotion for all sales item.

Imagine this, a child's clothing item is $115. After discount, its been reduced to $45. And on top of that, you buy one item, you get the second item free. So if you get 2 similar priced items, the average cost per item is $22.50. And so of course the little one gets a lil bit of spoiling. Got her 3 bottoms and 3 tops. Bought sizes slighter bigger than what she wears but hey children sometimes seems to have built in magic beans or something. One day they are tiny and the next, their clothes don't fit anymore!!

Just this morning I was trying to put on this new top I got for her about 2 months ago. The size for the top was 12 months, she's only 13 months so it should fit. But guess what? Her head was too big for the opening on the top! I almost had to tear the neck of the top off!

And for me? I could never resist a good Denby. I first fell in love with a Denby mug when I saw them in Hong Kong about 6 years ago. The mugs were a wee bit more than what we would normally pay for mugs but I was talking pottery lessons then, and had just learned the intricacies of glazing. We were so in love with the Denby mugs that we bought a pair.

When we were in England, we never did manage to go to the Denby factory. I had thought that perhaps they may have one in Stoke-upon-Trent. But of course my beloved pointed out that they won't be called Denby if they had a factory elsewhere.

But I am digressing. I managed to get a casserole pot for $150(Origionally $300) and get a pie dish free (Originally $275). My dearest, always so sweet also loved the Denby and pointed out the cappucino set to me. Of course we had to have 2 pairs. 4 sets for the price of a pair! Not bad indeed.

So much for trying not to spend! My beloved actually said that perhaps I should quit trying not to spend because I am such a rebellious character that I love to do things that I am not supposed to do! Haa haaa!

Now, all I need is a Nespresso machine! (In Belgium the Nespresso machines were all the rage, ranging from the cheap brands to the super expensive ones.) Don't think they'll have a buy one get one free Nespresso machine. Or would they?

[Ok I lied! On top of the Nespresso machine I would also like a Kenwood Major Chef Or a Kitchen Aid, a Dualit toaster, a new Magimix, an electric grill and an electric korean BBQ set. But all this could be a blog entry on its own!]

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CK said...

Oooh I'd love a Kitchen Aid too!!! :) A fren got Kenwood Major for her bday...oh, jeles, jeles, hehe.

Well, am sure you'll get your "dream machines"/gadgets soon! Me, berangan aje la! :)