Friday, February 16, 2007


Unlike other domestic godessess who baked their child's first birthday cake, I, Sunflora, took the easy way out, by ordering the birthday cake from our favourite bakery. Another testimony of how terrible I am, I organized the party 1.5 months later, with no clowns nor balloons and not that many little children either. Just some of our friends who already gave her presies, as a thank you to them for remembering her birthday.

But isn't it amazing how technology has evolved even in the cake making industry? We can now have real life like pictures on cakes? What ever next?

What did I give her? A book that made me cry when I read it to her.

May you gain a lifelong love for books and an incessant thirst for knowledge. May you have the tenacity and perserevance to make your dreams come true.

Know that you are so loved and will always be loved by everyone around you.


ann said...

hey at least she gets a birthday party. my daughter, duit raya tak dapat, birthday party pun takda. when we go back for a visit this year, i think we'll throw a party for her eventhough her birthday may be two months away. sometimes i feel really sorry for her cuz she's missing out all the fun her cousins are having esp masa raya-raya ni.

Lollies said...

itulah dia bila ada anak. baca buku pun boleh nangis.

i read man and boy. and cried and cried.

actually i tak suka pun buku tu after that

anasalwa said...

What a lovely picture and lovely Amalina. wonderful belated birthday to Amalina.

elisataufik said...

happy belated birthday precious!!
alahaiii.. bila lah auntie elisa nak datang riyadh nih..