Monday, February 12, 2007

The Little One is Sick

In fact we all are. Down with fever, flu and cough. The Doctor told us that it was a viral infection. The Little One is clingy, wants to be breastfed all the time, refuses any food. When she suddenly has a burst of energy, she is considerably chatty and points outside. She wants to go out. To the play grond. To the play park.

But what's more difficult for me is when I am sick myself and at the same time, having to look after her. Looks like my beloved is falling sick as well.

Hope we all get better soon!


Jiwa Rasa said...

I pray for your speedy recovery..

elisataufik said...

oh dear.. hope you feel better soon.
We just got back from makkah, which was wonderful, 23 to 25deg C, tapi I guess sebab penat berjalan the kids pun batuk2 and selsema.
Next time we go, we will tidur semalam in riyadh!

CK said...

Awww...poor dear. Get well soonest!
Minum air bebanyak eh?

Lollies said...

ohhh satu demam semua demam. tu yang tak tahan tu

elle said...

alahai ciannya..get well soon k.