Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Iris field of Tuma?r

Last Thursday we drove out 1.5 hrs out of R]yadh to Tuma/r to witness the Irises bloom during mid-afternoon.

Would you have thought that the Desert could be this green? Well spring is here, after a cold winter and lots of rain, there is a lot of green.

When we first arrived all we saw were bits of purple. We had our lunch and then saw some activity amongst the flower. At about 1 pm, the petals were slowly unfolding. We all stood up, gathered near the areas where there were lots of buds and stood or sat waiting to watch for the Iris to bloom.

And then suddenly the petals opened up, releasing a beautiful smell in the air.

As you can see, the little one is excited too! She was happy to pick on some of the flowers.

I know this picture doesn't do the place justice, but suddenly, there was a sea of purple patches!

Here the Irises are in full bloom. As you can see, the flowers are up to 2 year-old Ray's knees.

Would you believe that Irises grow in the wild in the desert if you didn't see these pictures? I wouldn't have.

These flowers bloom during this time of the year for about a month before they wither and perish under the scorching heat in the desert.

Masyallah! Many praises to Allah for the beautiful world he has created for us.


elisataufik said...

i want to go too!!! :) :)

Lollies said...

live bloom?? Masya Allah bestnya

anasalwa said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing experience. Was it something similar to watching the flowers blooming in slomo like you watch on tv documentaries?