Saturday, May 16, 2009

Its a special day mummy!

Somehow The Little had the inkling that I was having a long weekend.

"Mummy I want to stay with you at home," she cried and she clutched on my arm.

"But darling, if you stay at home then I won't be able to send you to school," I answered.

"And you will pick me up too?" she asked.

"Of course I will," I answered.

And so she slept. She is finally sleeping in her own bed albeit its still in our room. She had requested that she wanted a Charlie and Lola bed sheet and she will sleep with Charlie and Lola.

On the bus this morning she exclaimed, "Oh mummy. Today is a special day isn't it because you are sending me to school," she commented.

"And you will fetch me from school later right?" she asked.

I sure will.

Days like this sometimes make me wonder that perhaps I should be at home with my child.

But its just 5 more weeks before summer holidays and she will be joining me in my school in August anyways.

I have to say that me getting this job is actually a rezeki for her as much as it is mine.

She has blossomed really well at her Preschool. She now recognizes some of the alphabets and all of the numbers. Her motor skills are developing well and her social skills are improving.

Because Mommy has to go to work myself my Little One recognizes that we all have "jobs" to do and schools to go to. There were many days when she was tempted to skip school (as what her best friend often does) but couldn't because there was no one else at home to look after her.

But I have to confess that I do miss my social life. There are friends whom I haven't talked to in ages. Friends whom I used to hangout with, I just see occasionally. I no longer know who my neighbours are because I no longer use the shopping bus. I haven't sewn or done anything creative in ages. I come home tired. I still have to cook and spend time with my child. Somedays I feel like I'm on the treadmill and I play catch up during the weekend for groceries etc.

However, I am very grateful that I am working because I want to, and not because I need to.

And I am grateful that I've been given this opportunity because not everyone who wants to have the same chance.

So I will spend today being grateful that I have the day off and that I can fetch my daughter from school. And be grateful tomorrow that I have a job that I love doing.



Joy McD said...

Alhamdullilah! We have so much to be grateful for - wonderful husbands and children... and lots of fabric just waiting for a day that we can sew, sew, sew :)

JahRera said...

salam sunflora,

I take each day as it comes. Don't want to plan anything.
No stress that way.

Every thing in this life is a phase. Smile.

atiza said...

as long as we have families by our side, things should turn out fine..Insya Allah..

Happy Mother's Day to you my dear :)

Kembara Musafir said...

congrats...!! remember you were mentioning about the job the last time we met... good for you...!! memang betul bertuah... to work becoz u want to, and not becoz you have to... ramai yg akan jeles nihhhh...!! :)