Monday, January 04, 2010

Beautiful attractions of Firenze

Day 02

Its the day we decided to visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The line was not too long. Tickets costs EUR6.50 per adult. Child under 4 is free.

I was rather proud of The Little One and her patience as we viewed paintings from room to room. Of course many questions were raised like why did they look so sad? Why did they look angry?

I tried to explain the paintings as much as I could without touching the religious nature or history behind the paintings except that most of them are about "Madonna and Child" and how the Mother is told that her baby is coming (Annunciation) and how she realizes that the baby will be an important person one day (Adoration of the Magi.)

She decided that her most favorite painting was of the Madonna and child (and Two Angels) by Filippo Lippi, which I admit is one of the more pretty Madonnas we have seen in the gallery.

We got up to room 17, The Hermaphrodite Hall and declared that she was tired and hungry. So we proceeded to the cafeteria to get some orange juice and sweeties. Just as well that around that time we saw several Santas (they were firemen really) trying to scale down the walls of The Uffizi.

The view from the terrace was absolutely beautiful that day. Too bad it was too cold for us to go outside. But it was nice to capture some snow on the dome.

Apparently it hasn't snowed in Firenze for 20 years and the bus services and cars were in a bit of a muddle that day with all the slush on the road.

After lunch we went to The Leather School at the Santa Croce area. I had read a tip that this is the area to go for Leather jackets and/or other leather goods.

Funnily enough The Little One thought that we were enrolling her in the leather school. She said, "I have never been to school in another country before, have I?"

Turns out the Leather school has seen quite a few celebrities who went there to have leather jackets and all sorts of leather things made for them. They don't do cheap, but they do good quality craftmanship.

As you can see the Leather School wall of fame behind Amalina and David. Apparently the likes of Ozzy Ozbourne, Madeline Albright and a whole bunch of other people I can't remember have been there ;)

Their service was brilliant never mind that we were some shabby travelers looking for a bargain. My dearest who was eying the bomber jackets at 50% off, ended up getting one tailored made for him. And yet they still entertained us in the same friendly and accommodating manner.

The kids ended up falling asleep as some parents were shopping.


Vestri Chocolates
11 Borgo Albizi
Tel: 39 055 234 0374

North of Piazza Santa Croce

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