Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Il Vaggio al Courmayeur I

Torino - Aosta

Day 06

We has a early start. Left the hotel at 750 am to catch the 825 am Train to Aosta and then to Pre Saint Didier.

At the station we found that the earlier train to Aosta has been canceled. We banked on hope that our train will still run! Had to change platform. Found train filled with people. We were grateful when the train departed on time.

The view from the train.

DH catching up with some sleep while Andrea Bocelli croons to him as the Italian countryside fly past.

Amalina having a snack.

First sight of the mountains.

View as we pulled into Aosta.

The train arrived in Aosta. We arrived over an hour late behind schedule. We had planned to deposit our bags at the left luggage at the station to make our way to Pila. Read somewhere that the Pila cable car was not too far from the train station.

But alas, the train station was small and had no left luggage facility. Did not feel like lugging our huge suitcase plus 2 big bags to the cable cars.

The next train to Pre Saint Didier was at 1245. The staff at the Aosta train station suggested that we enquired at the Tourist Information office for more information.

Amalina, however, was unaware of our constantly changing travel plans and couldn't resist playing with snow. This is, afterall, what this journey is all about!

Checkout how much snow there was on that car!

I am so amazed how easily she made friends. Another little girl seeing her playing with the pile of ice approached her calling her "Bimba! Bimba!" She didn't respond to the girl that time.

Afterwards, on their way to the Tourist Information office, they met up with the girl again and played in the snow for awhile. The girl thought it was funny to push Amalina into the snow.

But alas, the Tourist office was closed! Amalina found time to play with some snow instead!

Turns out that buses do run from Aosta to Courmayeur and the journey would take 1 hour. Since we had the Eurail pass for the day and the bus leaves at 1230, merely 15 mins earlier than the train, we opted for the train.

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