Friday, January 08, 2010

Dolce Vita

Firenze - Torino

Day 05

From Firenze, we parted ways with our travel companions. Since it was their first time in Italy, they decided that it was a must to do Rome. DH and I have done Roma before, albeit separately, so we decided to venture into the Alpi or the mountains instead for Amalina to play with snow.

Our initial plan was to travel directly to Courmayeur but during my research, I found that the journey would take over 7 hours on the train. And that would mean all daylight hours and we didn't fancy arriving at someplace new when it was all dark. So we decided to stop at Torino overnight instead.

We had traveled to Torino before via Ryanair (tickets cost us 1 pence, came to GBP17 total for the ticket, happy days...) before so it would be familiar.

We departed at 7 15 am. The staff at Cantinetta da Verrazzano (where we have been having our breakfast) were busy preparing for their opening. We wished them, "Buon Natale!" and good bye and they waved us off. (Did I mention that the people in Firenze were very friendly?)

The journey from Firenze to Torino on the FRECCIAROSSA was 3 hours. I would recommend to anyone planning to travel up and down the country by train to purchase a EURAIL pass. We found the cost difference between first class and second class were marginal and it was very comfortable, clean and good value.

We arrived in Torino late by 60 minutes. The train had to slow down at several areas due to the unusual snow. We immediately checked in The Best Western Hotel Genova, which is right next to the station.

Funnily enough the guy at the reception told us that he wants to move to Malaysia. (He thinks Singapore was nice but too clean.)

Our plan was to travel to Arquata Scrivia to shop at the McArthurglen Serravalle so off we set off to the train station. But alas, the trains to Arquata were canceled due to the weather. Initially we thought of taking a different train and change but since that train was delayed indefinitely, we decided to abort the plan and spend the day in Torino instead.

Amalina enjoying the Ligurian style focaccia or pizza by the slice on an airy soft yet crispy bread.

Mother and child outside the Palazzo Reale in Torino.

Lady in Torino looking very cold as she walked across the square at Palazzo Reale.

The news in Torino for the day was about how much snowfall they encountered and how the public transportation was affected. They even had to mobilize the army to help shovel the snow at the square.

Salmon mousse anyone?

Mostarda di Frutta, fruits preserved in mustard oil. I didn't know why I didn't buy some to try that day. Now I wished that I did!

Do you think they like cream?

Price clearly marked, something I like very much.

Gelato anyone?

Amalina had one. Even though it was freezing cold.

Playing on a pile of ice/snow on the square. It was only 6:02 pm but it was already dark.

I'm making a snowball.

It started to snow again and getting really cold so we decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for dinner.

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