Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Fare spese

San Lorenzo Mercato Centrale

We decided that Day 04 would be dedicated to visiting the famous markets of Firenze. So a visit to the San Lorenzo mercato centrale was in order. The city's major produce market, the mercato is full of fresh produce, delis and sundry items from around the region.

Outside the market are rows and rows of shops selling leather goods like bags, belts, hats, scarfs etc. We didn't take any pictures though, partly because it was cold and partly we didn't want to be distracted. I had read a tip somewhere that there could be pickpockets about in the area.

Once we stepped into the produce market however, we found the place less crowded and more relaxed. Out came the camera.

Balsamic vinegar? How old do you want them? 10 years? 15? 25? or 50? The 50 year old one was over 100 Euros.

What about some of that aromatic porcini mushrooms?

I like how the goods are displayed in the area. All prices are clearly market so no guessing is necessary.

It got colder and colder in the market and the gentleman decided to but a beany on.

They do cater for the Japanese tourists.

Are you buying for today or for Natale?

This lady whose name I forgot, got the lion share of our purchases as she was kind enough to welcome us and took a lot of time to explain and educate us about the different balsamic vinegars and the different tastes of olive oil. Also had a large sample of cheese for us to sample.

The 100 year old Balsamic vinegar was lovely but costs way too much for my pocket. Perhaps a real connoisseur can appreciate.

Our travel companions enjoying the sampling session.

Here we are after our purchases. After which I asked her where we could have a good lunch and she directed to a place that looked like a hole in the wall. But it was jammed packed with locals and the food was delicious and reasonably priced.

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LaurieSue said...

Wow-- it looks like such a wonderful trip! I'm so glad you had a good time! :)