Friday, July 16, 2004

Another summer's day in London
The summer in London is cold and rainy. Central London is full of tourists and English language learners. For someone who is an ocassional Londonder myself, who am I to complain about the tourists clogging up the shops and the public transport system.
But I am just grateful to be able to walk freely minus my abaya on Oxford Street. To meet up with my male friends without making it into a clandestine meeting in case the muttawa finds out.
But freedom comes at a price. I have to watch my belongings like a hawk lest the resident or summer pickpockets comes round. I think I was somewhat molested in a crowded tube the other day but I just wasn't sure because the train was really jammed packed to the brim. A gentleman who was holding the railing conveniently found his arms stuck between another passanger and me and suddenly his arm was resting on my bosom. ERKK! But its not like I can move away!! Luckily some people got off at the next stop and I changed my strategy. This time round I had my back facing him.
But if he really did molest me then he got his retribution pretty quickly!  A vertically-challenged Italian nun got on the train with such vigour and gusto.  When she turned round her backpacked attacked his groin. And the nun turned to me, smiled and said "Full up." Referring to the train of course :)
Just another day in London underground

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