Monday, July 19, 2004

What does a woman do when she knows her days are numbered in London?
Shop of course!
That I did! After 3 days looking at the same Loewe bag deciding to buy or not to buy, I decided that I will buy it afterall on the 4th day. Especially since my dearest has found out for me that Loewe is not available in Riyadh. And off I went to Harrods. Upon arriving in Harrods (after fighting my way through the tube and all) I was disappointed to find that they did not have the bag I wanted. They have the new range out though but Urgh! I have this thing about paying retail price for anything. I have a preferance for buying discounted items. I don't see any point in paying sticker price for something when I know six months down the road, the item will be sold at 50% off.
Anyhow a Loewe coin pouch caught my eye and I bought it on the spot. Asked the salesgirl to call the counter in Selfridges to see if my bag is still available but alas the call was not answered.
And so I was off, a woman shopper on a mission. Down I went to the Knightsbridge tube station, hopped in a train and off at Green Park, up on the Jubilee line and off at Bond Street.
I had to prepare myself mentally, "If the bag you want is no longer there, then you would have to accept it as fate that you can't get it." Its like going to battle almost!
My heart first dropped to the floor when I arrived at the Loewe counter, my bag is no longer there on the bottom shelf near the door. Urggh!!! They sold it all?? And then my eyes travelled up and I saw the bags on the topmost self. A sigh of relief and a wide smile on my face. Yes! They still have it!
I waited patiently to be served. I prefer not to rush service because I know once they know I am buying I will be given my time.
When the lady says the magical words, "Yes can I help you Madam?" (Actually those same words could be annoying if you're not buying anything.) I said, "Yes please, I would like that shopper bag way up there please." I don't know how to explain this but I was filled with a heady rush when I say those words! Never mind I was wearing this Benetton T shirt that had black mascara stains on it! Never mind that  I think I look fat! Never mind that I can no longer eat for the rest of the month due to this handbag! Its no wonder some women become real shopaholics! it is addictive!
On the strength of my new high, I decided that perhaps I should take a peek at some wallets as well! Afterall they are 50% off. Never mind that I still have 3 unused wallets at home, will figure it out later! Ah £70 for a large wallet. Not bad at all! £25 for a coin purse and £50 for a card holder. Temptation temptation.
As I was looking at the wallets and wandering if I want to get any at all, at the corner of my eye I saw the sales lady taking out some new stock. There was this bag very similar to the one I had chosen but bigger. So I asked the lady, "Is that the bag I chose or is that a different one?"
"No Madam, this is a different one. This one is bigger."
And my heart stopped. I tell ya I got a higher high!
Worse still there was another woman shopper touching the bag! Oh no! I have to have it before she decides that she wants it!
And I told the sales lady, "I think I want that bag instead please."
I don't remember asking her how much it was. Or perhaps I did. But my mind has ceased to operate. I can no longer convert. What is £175 times 7? Never mind! I said to myself. I almost spent another £50 on another wallet anyways so now I will forgo the wallet and get that bag instead.
And so I told the sales girl, "I will pay for that bag please before I change my mind."
It only daunted on me about 45 minutes later (this after I looked at the Ferragamo shoes I had always wanted which never goes on sale priced at £139) that:
a) My bag is actually very expensive for something I want to use everyday
b) When converted, the amount is quivalent to 1/5 of that watch I don't mind, or 1/10 of that other watch I really want.
c)It could be one month's salary for some people.
d)I could have so easily bought THE Ferragamo shoes I wanted. (But its not on SALE!)
And I quickly banished the thoughts and continued shopping ;)
I went on to buy not just one but TWO LK Bennet dresses! I mean how can a girl not buy a dress that was £129 reduced to £59 (black) and £39 (teal) respectively! I need nice dresses now to go with the nice handbags and the shoes! I can't just be wearing jeans and T shirts anymore could I?
"I have to stop shopping now." I declared as the girl rung up the till for my second dress. She said, well you can return it should you change your mind. And her colleague remarked, "Yes shopping can be addictive isn't it? I overspent in the sale myself."
Yes we women have that in common, the tendency to love shopping and overspending.
I have had enough and I walked off my high all the way from Selfridges to a cafe on Regent street.
In the meantime, my beloved received a phonecall from the call center, "Sir, there has been some unusual activities on your card. It was used 4 times in various departmental stores, once in harrods and 3 times in Selfridges. Would you like me to block the card?"
Thank god he didn't!
And Yes I was using Mastercard :)

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