Monday, July 05, 2004

Off to London

For once I have to thank the terrorist man for threatening to create havoc in Bahrain on the United States Independent Day celebrations.

The husband was supposed to go for a meeting in Bahrain to meet up with some technical counterpart. They are from the Uk actually but refused to fly to Saudi due to the current security concerns. So initially, it was planned that they would fly to Bahrain and we will meet them there. But alas, the US has issued fresh security warning that Bahrain could be the next target and thus the white boys didn't want to fly down to the Middle East.

So here I am today, I thought I woke up in a dream (partly due to lack of sleep really) flying off to Heathrow today. Its definitely a blessing in disguise! I can't wait to see my rose bush and perhaps catch a glimpse of my apples! I had only just found out yesterday that I would be flying off today. Life does bring me surprises!

And best of all THE harrods sale has started!

Thank you mr terrorist man!(Please don't really carry out what you threatened to do. I think they got your message and cancelled all Independence Day celebrations.) Although I wouldn't mind going to watch Harry Potter in Bahrain, its even better than I get to watch it at Leicester Square (If they are still showing there that is!)

Have a good summer everyone!

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