Monday, January 03, 2005

MCs and Egos

Just to say that I am annoyed at H.

She did apologized to me but even her apology didn't sound sincere to me.

"Well I am sorry about the other day. I didn't mean to hurt anybody's feeling but I was trying to make a point."

OK. So she made a point by doing a character assassination on me and suggesting that I am doing something out of vanity and ostentiousness rather than the goodness of my heart.

Even when apologizing she is not admitting that she made a mistake.

So to her making a point was more important than making sure that the other person's feeling is not hurt.

I guess for some people, they are more interested in listening to their own voice and thoughts rather than what other people may think.

Please God, please make me a stronger person. Please protect me by placing me amongst people who have good intentions towards me and please protect me from people who have ill intentions towards me.

Please make me a more patient person. Please give me strength to handle your tests for me in life. Please make me say only good things and please stop me from saying terrible things, even in my heart. Please protect me from envy, disagreement and dishonesty.

Please make the journey ahead of me as smooth as possible.

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