Sunday, January 30, 2005

A new begining?

Its funny how 3 weeks can change your life. S came back from work saying, "You know what, after what we've gone through, somewhow what I do at the office doesn't seem to be as important anymore."

And that set me thinking. (To be honest I havent had much time to think since I got back, in between the spouse diagnosed with bronchial pneumomia, coffee mornings, lunch and dinner invites.)

What is it about the last 3 weeks that changed my perpective about life?

Firstly, I learned more about the past history of my religion through the different stages of the ibadah. How the Kaabah was built by the Prophet Ibrahim a long time ago and how it was revived by the Prophet Muhhammed SAW. I will try to write more about these aspects later because I do see their importance in shaping my current world.

Secondly I had the oppurtunity to correct my faith and believe. I realised that I am nothing but a humble servant, that I have been leading very much a blessed life and I should do more to be grateful for what I have been given with.

Thirdly, the swiftness of divine retribution is all to apparent in the Holy land (tanah Haram.) That would make one learn one's lesson pretty quickly, I'd have to say.

And I have decided that at the end of the day, we men are our own enemies. Even while performing our Ibadah some chose to be impatient, rude, pushy and selfish.

Will it be the selfishness and self-centredness of mankind that will ruin the Earth?

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