Sunday, January 02, 2005

New year Weekend - II - The Second bang

So I called X, whose house we were heading towards, to tell them about the car accident. S wondered if X could come and give us moral support.

S also called Ustaz and asked him if he could come and become an intrepreter. It is a well known thought in this country that if there was an accident between a foreigner and a local, no matter whose fault it actually was, the foreigner is at fault. So we need someone who can understand and speak the local language.

Thank god that the guy who hit us from behind wasn't local.

However, the 5th car, the car at the back most of the accident was driven my a local. This is a quandry indeed. Out car is on the rightmost lane in a 3 lane expressway. The 5th driver's car was on the leftmost lane of the same road. The 5th car driver, being the local, felt that our car was at fault because we were in front. Never mind that he rear ended everyone else.

X called to say that we should not move our car until told to do so by the police. That we obeyed.

There were lots of onlookers.

X came shortly, and he brought along 2 of his friends. Colleagues from his previous working place. So there was a short conference, the police trying to determine who was at fault and who would have to pay what.

Somehow it was decided that it was 2 different accidents that happened simulteneously. We didn't have to pay anything, and the car behind us would have to pay for the damages on our car. In the meantime everyone has to go to the police station to make a statement.

So I head towards X's house to pick up his wife and from there we headed towards Ustaz's house. So much for trying to catch up on time. We were aiming to be able to do our tawaf after Subuh prayers. But it looks very unlikely time-wise then.

At Ustaz's house, we sat and chatted a little about the accident. And suddenly a loud, "Bom!"

What was that?

"A bomb," said X's wife calmly. The X's are survivors of the Al Hambra bombing.

Not again. Where we wondered?

I called S to ask him where he was. Thank God he answered the phone.

"I am still at the police station. No I didn't hear any explosion here."

I was relieved.

So it finally came out in the Al-Jazeera news. Bombs went off near the Ministry of Interior. We heard the explosion from the DQ.

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