Saturday, April 23, 2005

He treats me like a princess except when he is thumping away on his computer

[Caution: Mushy lovey dovey post. Please do not read if you are easily upset by such posts.]

Being the modern couple that we are, we often communicate via email throughout the day. Well its mainly for the benefit of his employer, so they'd think he's busy doing his work at the pc rather than talking to me on the phone. Mondays are often the hardest because we normally spend a lot of time together over the weekend and I miss him a lot on Monday mornings.

So today I had this email come in:


Can you email me the numbers for Mr X. I need to talk to him about the extension of the visa.


And so I replied:

The number is XXX-XXX.

And then he updated me:

Dia kata senang aje. Just reply and appeal etc etc. No isue. and then dia kata kalau nak CC ler dia.

Can you draft a letter for me please and send it to me here so I can print it ?


And so I replied: (Alamak sibuk la boss ni kasi assigment :( )

I thought so. Love you.

Ni I buat esok OK. Today I want to sew my own bag hahahahaha.

Love you.

To which he replied:

Sew your own bag?????

Good for you! Tak payah I belikan you beg LV :)

And of course I had to retaliate!

OK lah! Tak jadi I nak sew my own bag! Nanti tak dapat bag LV!

Love you more.

Ahhh he just knows how to press the right buttons! He knew that I just told him that I have resolved to try and curb my shopping because I want us to pay off our mortagage as soon as possible! He just loves to tease me to no end.

And then this just comes in:

Too late. I spent you Beg LV funds on Lunch. BTW I passed by Villeroy and they are having a sale. 30% cerita ajeeeeeeee... bukan suruh beliiiiii.... :)

See what I have to put up with!

And just for revenge I replied with this:

I had not one, but TWO plates of pasta for lunch. Three twills of Tagliatelle and a generous scoop of Fusilli with lovely M&S Chargrilled Eggplant pesto.

Are you salivating yet? Do you still love me?

You see, he is on Atkins and he can't have any carbohydrate. He had such a carbo craving that he thought I smelled like warm crossaints! I told him that he was hallucinating and I was undecided if it was good or bad that my spouse thought I smelled like warm pastry.

And his reply came quite swiftly as well:

Hah! I went to Kenny Rogers chicken!

Do YOU still love me?

Ahhhh once again he got me!

Well honey, no matter how wonderful Kenny Roger’s Chicken was, I am sure its not as nice as my Veal Roll.

I wonder how our grandparents did it?


born-again drama queen said...

awwww!!!so sweet...

Kak Teh said...

....but how did we cope before email and sms? can you just imagine the waiting for letters that used to take months to arrive?
Sf, ditto nef!

Sunflora said...

Nef! Welcome back to blogland! :)

Kakteh ahhhh the voice of experience :) But at least you still have the box of letters under the bed :)