Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Mariko's Kitchen

Perhaps its because Julie has recently been relocated to Japan. Or perhaps its because I went to Japan at around this time last year. Suddenly in the last few days I felt that I missed Japan very much. I have never really had the oppurtunity to live in Japan. I visited Tokyo sometime ago and backpacked to Tokyo-Kyoto-Nara-Kurashiki last year. But somehow deep inside me, I feel this great fascination and connection for Japan and things Japanese. And I yearn to go back. To learn how to speak Japanese, learn to cook their dishes, sew their handicrafts, buy and wear the Japanese fabric and learn more about their culture.

Or perhaps in my previous life, I was Japanese.

I love the Bento box. I yearn for good Japanese food which is very much unavailable here.

While I was in Kyoto, I took up the oppurtunity to learn how to cook up a simple Japanese dinner at Mariko's place.

Mariko's Kitchen Posted by Hello

How did I know that Mariko teaches how to cook Japanese food?

As I was surfing for interesting things to do in Kyoto, I found an advert for Mariko's cooking class. For 3,000yen (US$28 approx) per person, I was invited into Mariko's kitchen to experience a basic Japanese cooking lesson. I emailed her and arrange for a suitable time and we met outside Macdonalds at Gojo Stn.

First, Mariko taught us how to make Dashi, the heart of many Japanese dishes. Dashi is a fish based stock which consist mainly of kombu (dried thick seaweed) and Katsuo bushi (dried fish flakes from bonito/tuna fish.)

For starters, we made egg roll and boiled spinach.

Starters Posted by Hello

Then we made a maki consisting of tuna, egg and cucumber.

Tuna Roll Posted by Hello

And finally, the tempura.

Tempura Posted by Hello

And now I am salivating from writing this blog entry, I have to find something in my larder to cook.


Leen Ash Burn said...

Haiya, mistake besar laa tengok this thing in the morning *hungwy* hehehe.

But hey, nanti you bagi recipe on how to make sushi ek? Always wanted to do it tapi tatau :) And once I know, I can eat them by the truckloads yay! hehe

NurElsa said...

:-)) Sedapnya!!! So now we know you can cook Japanese!!! *Bila nak pi visit you nih!*

I have a cousin who lived in Japan with her husband for a couple of years. She too went for cooking classes and makes yummy Japanese food!

farah said...

hai.. i love jap food as well. i've been trying to make tempura for a looong time but they NEVER turn out right. i bought the tempura mix in Isetan in KLCC. how do i make the tepung like that huh? need to mix it with more water? help!!

CK said...

I am not a big fan of Japanese food but cik Siti yang masak, apa salahnya heheh.

To Leen, nak buat sushi pulak? Pengat pisang bila nak buat? heheh, lariiiii...

Sunflora said...

Psst Farah, I have misplaced the recipe which mariko gave me. Will look it up and put up a post when I do. We also put an egg in our batter. And I think you're suppose to use ice cold water.

Leen nanti I carik ok. But the secret is keeping the rice moist and warm and covering it with cheesecloth while making the sushi so the rice wont dry out. After putting the rice vinegar on the rice, you have to fan the rice quickly to help it absorb the vinegar. Also biar the rice don't cook the raw fish.

Nurelsa waaaa bestnyer cousin you! I tau buat sikit je, makan je pandai.

CK hehehe kalau tak big fan then takpela, keje banyak! kita gi japanese restaurant je OK! ;)

anasalwa said...

Those tuna rolls with eggs looks delicio....