Monday, April 11, 2005

What happened to Nefertiti?

Not the Egyption queen but the adventurous blogger who spins wonderful tales of her experiences in Egypt.

There I was clicking on my thumbnails, trying to catch up with the blogs which I haven't been able to read for ages. And what I found was "Page not found." Has she stopped blogging? Or does she have a new blog address? Not a good bye? Or a page forwarder?

Nef, I want to read your blog! Where is it?

Atizah is contemplating on abandoning her blog. Grrrr. And Atenah is also away, possibly having her exams. CN plaks balik kampung. Luckily Kakteh still writes. And Leen, ahh my staple for comedy. And everyone else whose blog I read.

Please fellow bloggers, if you're planning to take down your blogs, please at least say goodbye! Huwaaaaaaa.

PS: If anyone can point me to Nefertiti's blog, I'll owe you one coffee.


Invisiblemaya said...

Sunny: We lost her again!! Where is she now?

born-again drama queen said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
born-again drama queen said...

sunflora, i quit..had to..*sniff*
been taking too much of my time and i'm really tied up with work..but hey, you have my email add. just drop me a line or two whenever you feel like it..
maybe one fine day i'll jumpstart it again..

Sunflora said...

InvisibleMaya, TU nasib Nef bersuara! Heheheh.

Nef why la did you take down the whole thing. But I do respect your decision. Plus I understand you have a new job now well good luck and have fun! And whenever you are in this region again drop me a line :)

atenah said...

ha ha ha I'm back, could not stay away. i stay awake at nite with all these stories swirling in my head, sampai ketat kepala. so its blogging or no sleep. LOL