Saturday, April 30, 2005

Its Saturday and I am having Monday blues

I was woken up with his, "Oh I have to go to work today. Its Saturday and I'm so depressed."

Yes we have things somewhat different here. The weekend is on Thursday and Friday. And the Saturday is akin to Mondays for the rest of the world.

We had a splendid weekend. We finally swapped offices. He gets my office with the huge TV and I get his office, with the huge space. One good thing about having his office in the TV room is that we can now watch the stuff he has downloaded for me on the TV.

It was a Desperate Housewives weekend. We could not download the first 9 of the series but managed the last seven anyways. And yes Desperate Housewives is rather good! And I can't wait for the next episode!

We also watched Joey, which I thought was OK but not great. A little too one dimensional and cliche.

And we finally got the AFN channels back and so I got to watch The Apprentice and Survivor as well. I am so glad that Alex was fired and not Tana. I think the final battle will be between Tana and Kendra. A woman might really have a chance to be The Apprentice this time round. I hope so anyways. Actually I am glad that the ladies that are left are the nicer and professional ones. I was happy to see Erin go. Why is it that women have to be overly aggressive to be successful? Perhaps its just a gender stereotype that men are agressive and ambitious, while women are gentle and passive? And apparently women have to be aggressive as well when they are ambitious. Is that really necessary?

Well Tana is an example of how you can be nice but successful as well. She is not too vain or too self involved either, characteristics of hers which I like. So its down to 1 booksmart and 2 street smarts. Who will win? We'll find out in two weeks.

Alex, well he is the handsome and polished one. But he faltered in the battle ground. He lost his own confidence. He knew that he was going to be fired and he choked. Perhaps all the pressure of losing five times in a row got to him.

As for Survivor, Stephanie, they finally got rid of her. Good for them! There is something unauthentic about her. Its not her desire to win or her competitive nature that I dislike. But how artificial she is, how she pokes fun at Janu, and yet in front of Janu she flashes a fake smile, pretending to care. At least with the others, they leave Janu alone, but Stephanie, she's just a two headed snake. Perhaps its just that, I don't like two headed people. I never liked people who just pretend to be nice in front of you and then immediately once your back is turned they just slag the heck out of you. I normally can smell those people out. And Stephanie. you're one of them.

Ok I am rambling too much. Too much TV over the weekend. Now for some proper housework and paperwork.


CK said...

*ouch* re stephenie, heh.

i am a huge desperate housewives fan. who are you? i took the quiz and i'm a susan (yes, the frazzled klutz!) :/

Sunflora said...


Hmm where does one go to do the test? Perhaps I am a bit of every1 of them. LOL as usual I am undecided.

CK said...

Go here: